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    In another thread someone mentioned the relative style of different schools; describing Carlsons as more agressive than Barra, and Barra having more finnesse.
    Has this been discussed elsewhere? Are there any good threads, books, other sources that describe the different schools in terms of their style?
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    I have trained on both sides of the fence think its just down to your instructor personally. The white bear is the most agressive guy I have ever rolled with and DLR had the most finnesse.
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    An arm bar is an arm bar and a triangle is a triangle.

    The Old fashioned generalisation that the first post mentions comes from Carlson Gracie Team being
    focussed as much on MMA as Sport BJJ and Barra being more focussed on
    sport BJJ.Nowadays there is more than 1 Gracie Barra location and more than 1 Carlson Gracie location,so it really depends on the ethos of your particular location and what it's focus is.

    Nowadays there is no distinct style difference,although of course each team has it's slightly different slant on details and techniques.

    In any team of strong guard passers the weaker,smaller guys will develop really good guards,and in any team of strong guard players the stronger bigger guys will develop good guard passing.

    De La Riva is the ultimate example of this.His guard became that good because he had to train every day with really big strong guys.

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