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Thread: Grappler suffers serious injury

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    Default Grappler suffers serious injury

    Thankfully very rare but terrible injury. Best wishes go out to the guy and his family.

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    That's terrible. My prayers go out to that poor guy - hope he gets better....

    Reminds me of that YouTube video where that guy gets his back broken in a BJJ comp - you guys know the one I mean....

    I know what we do is a tough sport and injuries can and do occur, but from what I'm aware back/spinal injuries are very rare - these two instances are the only ones I'm aware of...

    Once again - my prayers to the poor guy - I really hope he recovers from this....

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    fuck! hope he gets better

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    maybe a small donation guys , 10 NZD = 4 ?

    If you need a friend, get a dog !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bateman View Post
    maybe a small donation guys , 10 NZD = 4 ?
    Agree 100%.

    $10 is only 4.53, it's through paypal so it is really easy to do.

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    Reminds me of Owen Lowery's injury in a Junior Judo competition more than 20 years ago. Got thrown on his head and broke his neck. It is fucking terrifying just thinking about it.
    So I don't.

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    Poor guy. Of course I dunno what exactly caused this accident but while on the topic of neck injuries I am going to say for the record ...

    I personally am strongly against neck cranks and get really pissed off when i see folk slamming them on. They arn't in competitions for a reason. Its obviously a tough sport and my feeling is that the application of neck cranks is a totally unnecessary risk.


    I really hope Haydn Clasby gets better, whever caused it, thats a really shitty thing to happen.
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