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Thread: Another blackbelt question

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    Quote Originally Posted by undercard View Post
    I know that Rick runs his academy in Edinburgh so he prob doesn't get the time and has other things to focus on.
    Not sure why Simon doesn't but I'm sure he'll comment.....
    Probably for the same reasons as Rick I'd imagine.

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    I've been competing in Judo Gradings for the last 2 years.About once every couple of months.
    My last comp that wasn't Judo was the 10k in 2007.i fought in that because i had a break in my work schedule that allowed me to get fit for it.
    I last fought the European's as a Purple and since then every single year i have been out of the country filming (my job).My work schedule often means working 6 days per week and 14 hr days so it's hard to keep completely competition fit with those hours.In 12 years i've worked on 37 feature films which is a bit crazy.I have now had the last 15 weeks off work and i'm training fulltime,at least twice a day and sometimes 3 times so i'm feeling good right now.I intend to fight the Europeans
    this year work allowing.I am fit and ready to go.

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    Rick Young fought the World No-Gi last month. So he's still out there. Just focusing on high level comps in his age bracket.

    So respect to him. ^_^

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    Who's "Hardest black belt" is tough question to ask because its all relative? Just becasue one guy can beat a lot of other black belts doesnt necessarily mean he's the toughest. Quite often another "less talented/tough" black belt will give him some trouble on the mats where others would easily beat him!

    Yes a top competitive black belt is tough to beat but there are a lot of "old soldiers" out there who are equally devastating on the mat and clinically efficient with their technique! I mean look at when Ricardo De la Riva decided to enter the Mundials again at 39 year old. He was phenomenal and only lost to multiple time world champion Fredson Paixao by points! If he didnt compete no one would have thought he was still at that level competitively! I remember training at BTT in Lagoa and Academia Sul in Porto Alegre with a room full of world class black belts and when some of the older black belts came in the top guys had nothing but respect for their Jiu jitsu even though they no longer competed and maybe rolled once or twice a week... They still kept their swords sharp! so to speak!!

    Never underestimate anyone and on any given day, anyone can be beat! Black belt or not!

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    Who's the hardest?

    Ha ha that's awesome.

    It sounds like they'd be put thru on of those tests u see in the SAW movies and whoever survives is the hardest
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