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Thread: Excessively long warm ups

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    Ah you got me watching Yamashita videos now. That is one fat boy who is just beautiful to watch, dont care what anyone else says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iconoclast View Post
    LOL So do you think fat fuckers should lose the weight before they step into the dojo?

    Training just so you can train doesn't make sense to me.

    I admire fat people who enter the gym/dojo. It takes guts to do it. I lose respect for them if they don't stick with it and just disappear though.
    yep, I think they should look to get fit and cut weight before they are allowed to do technical work and spar. BJJ gyms should have one night of fitness and strngth training which these porkies can attend..

    This happens in a lot of boxing gyms why shouldnt it work in BJJ ?

    I think its a positive approach, they wont gas so early , less likely to get injured, ets etc etc....

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    OK please dont confuse FAT and FIT, they are not the same thing. You can be fat and fit and you can be a comedy midget and still unfit.

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    no, you can be podgy and fit, ......not fat , or porky and fit....

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    Its debatable of course, and it depends in the sport you are training for. Some Rugby forwards I would definitley call full on fat, and yet still fit. I would agree there is probably an upper limit of fatness where you could still be called fit, although Sumo wrestlers would probably disagree (and I would not argue with them myself)

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    Beautifull knock out from Butterbean in this clip. Would you tell him to his face that he should not be allowed to box? OK he was not at his fattest at this point, but still beyond "podgy".

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    IMO warm ups should not only warm up your body but also prepare your mind for the session. I really think warm ups should be a minimum of 15min long. Don't know about you guys but after a hards work it takes at least that long for me to get switched back on mentally and attentive enough to learn techniques.

    You shouldn't be so so tired after a warm up that you can't think straight but you can't come in cold either because IMO your concentration levels won't be where it needs to be. Most injuries/accidents on the mat occur when people lose focus on what they are doing.

    For the fatties if you can't make it through a 15 min warm up, you should suck it up, get some fitness and stop being such sisses lol.

    Love the idea of a conditioning class btw.

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    Bateman, I am going to get you in Kami Shiho Gatame and use my gut to pin down your head.

    See how you like them apples.

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    haha , i train with guys that dont like warm ups , to be honest i like a 30 min session of fitness before i roll. my brain cant take more than 30 mins of technical training a session to be honest..

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    Quote Originally Posted by TatooineFarmBoy View Post
    and it is sooo frustrating when the instructor decides to spend half the class doing solo exercises I could have done by myself at home.
    Perhaps it obvious to him you dont? Maybe if everyone from the class came with a decent amount of fitness, maybe, just maybe an instructor might feel that the class didnt need it? and he might focus more on technique?

    Or perhaps there were a group of new people in the class that were being shown what they should be doing in order prepare themselves for BJJ.

    Perhaps they are not as astute in the arena of "physical fitness" as yourself, and they could do with the insight?

    Perhaps the Instructor felt that the greatest need for the Class as a whole was fitness. Apparently the Instructor knows best?

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