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Thread: Fruit on/in hot food???

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    Oh yeah lemon chicken from the chinese takeaway, or duck with orange. There's loads of fruity savoury food to be had.

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    Theres things i dont like but try force feed myself, like Sushi.

    Must of tried about 10 times to like it but still hate it, But i'll eat it anyway

    Also not a fan of mushrooms. Pineapple on a pizza is nasty but a piece of fungus is ok?????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hirst View Post
    I personally can't figure out why people don't like particular foods. With the exception of brains and testicles I think I'd eat just about anything considered fit for human consumption.
    Why not brains and balls???

    The reason I don't like fruit in hot food is because I've eaten it and it's fucking rank. I don't like mushrooms or raw tomatoes. Tried them and don't like them. But to not eat something without trying it is very weird. Brains and balls are considered a delicacy in some parts of the world.

    I've also tried loads of stuff loads of times to try to get myself to like it and don't. Sushi is wrong. Tried it loads and it's still wrong. And a plain old cup of tea. Tried it every way and don't like it.

    But when I'm in charge people who have pineapple on pizza will be shot.

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    i like a bit of pineapple on a pizza every so often. a mate of mine says that ham and pineapple is a 'proletarian' pizza, and he claims to be a socialist. Go figure. my ex-missus used to say it's 'girl's pizza' which i think is a fair assessment. it's not going to stop me though. I'm pumped up. I'm ready to roll. bring on this pineapple pizza!

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    Jimmy. I always thought you were a man of taste.

    Now I will have to have you shot when I take over the world.

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    plenty of variety in Sushi.
    what's not to like about a bit of smoked salmon, a stick of cucumber and some sweetened rice? Or just a prawn, draped over a ball of rice. Num Num

    Some of the more out of the ordinary Sushi / Sashimi is an aquired taste but "I don't like sushi" is like saying "I don't like soup"

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewC View Post
    as a rule I hate fruit in savoury food. Pineapple on pizza and sultanas in curry is the work of the devil. But apricots and prunes in a Tagine work well.
    I had Tagine last night with apricots in, really nice actually! Currently one of my favorite things.

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    I agree with Sledge, fruit should be kept as far away from savory food as it can.
    Never mix the two it's gross.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the mid 90's View Post
    I agree with Sledge, fruit should be kept as far away from savory food as it can.
    Never mix the two it's gross.
    So what's your stance on Doritos with a dip?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HomerPlata View Post
    So what's your stance on Doritos with a dip?
    That is a good point, one I had not completely considered, but I only like salsa dip, and that has no fruit in it, other than tomato (that's not really a fruit but that's a whole other discussion)

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