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Thread: MMA fans are becoming too disrespectful

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    Default MMA fans are becoming too disrespectful

    Seriously...too many of them are adopting the message board attitude.

    The comments that guy made to Frank Mir at the WEC conference...the girl that called Goldie out at the Q and A for being a bad commentator...on Bisping's twitter there's this fat guy that runs a podcast called MMA mondays thats giving him stick.

    Agree or disagree?

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    Agreed 400,032 %
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    General badmotherfucker.

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    In every sport your gonna have positive fans and negative fans.

    Football has some of the worst societs in the world. But i dont define football fans by a generalisation of some fans actions.

    MMA is the same. In most shows you get a handfull of real MMA fans. A few fighters, instructers etc.

    Then you get the idiots. "DONT 'UG 'IM, 'IT 'IM"

    I love MMA, and i'll be dammed if i give a shit about the bad fans trying to ruin it for the rest of us. As long as it stays the same game - im happy.
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    Yeah i don't see how MMA differs from any other sport in this respect.

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    Agreed, many fans are drunks, not all are martial artists or real fans of the sport.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 123 MMA View Post
    Agreed, many fans are drunks, not all are martial artists or real fans of the sport.
    In all combat sports the fans of the person fighting are simply his friends, family, workmates etc.
    Some will be well brought up, some will be general pissheads LOL.
    MMA does have a more "hyped up/violent/hardman" image these days as it has become more mainstream than perhaps Thai or kickboxing but a large % of MMA practitioners themselves are from a martial arts/boxing/wrestling/thaiboxing background and have been brought through the pinnacle of their chosen art with respect.

    Dont be too quick to generalise MMA fans because of this.
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    People have a right to voice their opinions, even when wrong and abusive, and unfortunately always will.

    Ignore the attention seeking, haters and focus on absorbing the stuff you want to.

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    Usually the guy's who are making bad comments and trash talking are just critics. Probly never fought before and don't know what its like to be a fighter.
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    Imagine what would happen if somebody like Ashley Cole gave an open interview to a room full of randomers like Mir

    would be a bit more brutal methinks

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    I hate these fucks who act with little decency towards the practitioners of the sport. It's sad and unfortunate that in time, MMA will become more like boxing in the respect that normal Joe will not meet, greet, train with or talk to the fighters.
    When the U.F.C. first came to the U.K. I as a spectator had the privilege of having a chat with Eugene Jackson, grabbed a quick bite to eat with Josh Barnett outside the Royal Albert Hall during the day, had a quick Q and A with Tito after I congratulated him on the birth of his kid and took some pictures with Genki Sudo and his team, some of which I gave them when the English speakers asked if they could take some back to Japan.
    I also took a couple of pics of Ian after his victory over Mir which I Gave to him and which he has used in Magazine articles and put on his site.

    That was how close the sport was as a community amongst people who trained and practiced it.

    This close knit feeling of the community is unfortunately dispersing though, with fighters being replaced by superstars who in turn because of their status, need upped security etc. due to chumps who only want to flame someone who's doing well for theirself because either they aren't doing well or because of this gang mentality which has developed alongside the bravado and competitiveness of people who train in a close geographical radius.(longest sentence ever)

    This sport in my opinion was most beautiful at its' roots.
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