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Thread: Please join the forum

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    Did you fight a guy called Alec (division winner)? If so, don't worry because he's been doing nogi for quite a while, only recently started training BJJ properly so still a white belt.

    EDIT: He is now a blue belt. -

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    I didn't fortunately :-) ended up busting my rib in the first fight i did, just about scraped a win by one advantage point then lost my second to an arm bar, after that the shame ;-) (and my completely ruined rib) left me sitting by the medical table ice pack applied! I watched Alec and was very impressed by his skills as I was with the guys who came second and third, very good standard, certainly using it as the main driver behind my current training schedule..

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    I too am guilty of reading but never posting, checking here most days. I joined Carlson Gracie Hammersmith two months ago. The gym has changed my game completely, and the camaraderie of the club is extraordinary. With this in mind to say I'm looking forward to the competitions in 2010 is an understatement!

    Merry xmas everybody!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gdyne View Post
    but decided against some kind of weirdo stalker introduction haha :-)
    Yeah it is strange when you come across people in real life, who post on here regularly. I have the same fear.

    "Will they think I'm stalking them?"

    The truth is I probably am lol

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    Hello, just joined but been a long time reader.

    Have done mainly submission grappling for the last few years, but find myself without a club at the moment.
    Hoping to start training at GB Cardiff in the new year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IranianWarMachine View Post
    I go on here quite a lot now than promma or no-gi waiting for that day when i see a comp has been set up in the north west, Lancs open or manchester open one can dream eh.
    Very good idea! Just needs someone to organise it! Did you try your hand at Ground Control?

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    Hi all I'm new to CW, I joined a while ago but haven't posted much.

    As you can see my names Paul I'm from Bristol, been training in MMA for a while now but I enjoy the grappling side more. So come the new year I shall be training in BJJ only.

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    Hey Matt,welcome,thanks for posting.Chris Rees is a great instructor.

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    Paul,hi,there are some great clubs in Bristol.Pedro Bessa has a school there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Hayes View Post
    Paul,hi,there are some great clubs in Bristol.Pedro Bessa has a school there.
    Thats who I'm going to be training with. My boss in work has trained with Perdo for a few years and he's told me that he's a very good instructor and well respected in the BJJ world.

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