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Thread: Thiago Silva is the biggest joke in mma history

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    Default Thiago Silva is the biggest joke in mma history

    I can't believe those fucking idiots on sherdog are trying to say that Thiago Silva would beat lil nog, that is the biggest fucking joke I have ever heard in my life.

    Nog would shatter his glass jaw in 1 round or easily beat him on the ground.

    Thiago has no chin
    no striking
    no wrestling
    just some ground and pound

    He wont make it past the 1st round with Rashad.

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    I Wouldl Even Knockout Thiago Silva, I Would Fuck Him Up!

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    Poor attempt. 1/10

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    damn this troll sucks, HAIL STUBBSY!
    "My whole life is an epic journey man, I mean who else do you know that listens to Enya whilst taking a dump?"

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    I'm not trolling, this guys a fucking clown. Most over rated fighter ever.

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    FAIL in life.

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    Yeh, a BJJ Black Belt with excellent striking is a joke. I bet even you could beat him

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    Someone has found that pic online somewhere and dreamt up this pathetic trolling attempt.

    Fedor is shite, no conditioning, look at his love handles.
    Anderson silva is shite, does next to nothing for the whole first round.
    Gsp is shite, just a greasy psuedo-frenchman.

    A few you can use camel cunt
    Genetically Different.

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