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Thread: Why do boxers have it in for mma fighters?

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    it is the same attitude that runs through died in the wool TMA instructors, wether it be jujutsu (japanese), karate, tae kwon do etc. Some people just think their art is the best and all others are rubbish - it is fairly simple psychology tbh - this is exacerbated by MMA and boxing sharing a similar key demographic in terms of students and audience.
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    True they are always gonna be people who think insular

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    Its not just MMA though. One of my mates was returning to Thai training and wanted to work on his hand speed. He was told about a club near us so goes along and has a look. The trainer shows him around and asks if he has trained before, my mate says he has done Thai Boxing and this gets a funny look. He asks whats wrong - the trainer says that all Thai Boxers think they are hard and that they could have them with all that standing on one leg and bobbing about?? My mates asks him what he is on about? It turns out that this bloke has seen a Thai Boxer doing a Wai Kru and thought thats what Thai Boxing was!!!! Fu**ing muppet ( my mate told him to piss right off ).........
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    we used to train in the same hall as the boxing club - they laughed at us "cuddling" until they found out what it felt like. plus, one boxer comes down to us for extra training and after feeling leg kicks was totally shocked.
    The best moment of my life was being punched in the face by Liam Harrison.

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