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    Default Fuck Fuck Fuck!!

    I got mega mega mega trolled.

    I was on a that omegle website, someone offered to send pics of them with their baps out...i thought Ok this is pretty cool, she spoke for like an hour and seemed really real, she asked me to get my cock out on cam, which I, did, she kept talking for a long , and sent more pics, after like 30 mins she fucked off, then came back with the reply.

    "hey its your friend from school, i knew you did things like this!!!!"


    "your gonna see these pics again"

    So Cagewarrios, there might be a pic of me with my winky out popping up on the web somewhere, Im gutted I didnt save the pics of her so I had something to show you guys. But im officially fucked.

    Anyone think it might have just been she got bored, or an ugly girl sending someone elses pics? because I have no problems with that, just as long as she didnt get a print screen of my cock.
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    I gotta bad feeling Paul Jenkins will be looking at my willy in the near future
    BJJ White belt, 2 stripes.

    General badmotherfucker.

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    Is your cock small Jimmy Willymans?

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    Doubt you'll ever see them pictures again.

    Dirty boy

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    You fool lmao bet they weren't even pics of her either!!!!!!! LMFAO brilliant ME

    "That was how i got my first soapy titwank!
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    It probably wasnt even a her, ha ha

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    Isn't it a random choice who u chat 2, very small chance it was someone u know. .....but funny tho!

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    I'm just about to upload them now.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    this is omegle, it won't be someone you know, they're just winding you up. i wouldn't worry about that.

    what i would worry about is that it more than likely wasn't a bird, more likely a fat old bloke now getting off on your cock.
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