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Thread: Danas talks Pacman-Mayweather fight

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    ***Im not bashing boxing****

    Dana White says it spot on, boxing promoters always take from the sport but never put back in. He claims there is littlle amateur set up now & tha boxing is dead.

    MMA, however, has went from strength to strength at all levels.

    IMO and experience,
    *amateur boxing shows happen very rarely now.
    *theres an MMA show on almost weekly

    *there is little new blood entering boxing
    *MMA probably has the fastest intake/growth (quantity) of participants of ANY contact sport/MA

    *Boxing at Pro level is difficult to follow due to focus only on Main Events
    *MMA orgs the world over promote strong undercards, hype ALL fighters

    *Illegal exclusive contracts & promoter bidding make it difficult for boxing to showcase/promote stables/rosters of fighters
    *MMA enjoying exclusive contracts can promote fighters better & for longer, ie a 3 fight deal

    *boxing seems to have less fighters coming through to pro ranks
    *MMA is taking fighters in from first time Martial Artists, BJJ, wrestling (college), kickboxing/ Mauy Thai & cross over fighters like NFL or entertainment wrestling

    *Prize Fighter had promise, but the fighters appear from obscurity & dissapear after!
    *The Contender was much the same. think a couple of guys fought on TV/good cards but again, there wasnt much PR for them afterwards
    *TUF, as boring as TUF10 was, introduces the fighters over several weeks, hosts a show with the majority on it & continues to promote them on Main Cards afterwards (or drops them if they dont deliver)

    *There are too many Boxing orgs, that have too many weight classes (so too many champions)
    *While there are, & have been, numerous MMA orgs, the front runners are UFC, DREAM, Strikeforce. Id go as far a to say the UFC is the bench mark for World Championship standard. If you hit the top at the weight there, you are the best in that class.

    *Boxing, while accepted by the majority in terms of mainstream & reported on by all major media is not the household name it used to be. Haye taking the HW crown recently was prob the biggest title exchange in a number of years. Joe Bloggs couldnt tell you the top champs anymore
    *MMA is becoming more mainstreat & while your mom couldnt tell you who BJ Penn is & would prob look at you funny if you say anything about a rear naked at the dinner table, the surge in popularity & media coverage is helping the sport gain acceptance and overshadowing the days of "human cock fighting" or no holds barred.

    Boxing is a great sport & has produced some of the worlds greatest athletes & most amazing stories to come from sport to the silver screen. MMA has big boots to fill to poduce what boxing has over the years.
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