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Thread: heavyweights training in Bristol

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    Default heavyweights training in Bristol

    I'm moving to Bristol from the north east and looking for a club with with lots of heavyweights to train with, seeing as I'm a fat fucker any suggestions would be awesome

    I will be living in the Redland area.
    Thanks in advance


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    Thinking of going either Trojan or Olympians can anyone who trains at the above clubs let me know if they have regular heavyweights at training, I myself am 115 kgs (probably more after Christmas ) and would like to test myself with guys my size....


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    Alright mate,

    I train at olympians, although Im not too sure about KG to stone I think there are at least two guys who regularly train there who would be classed as "heavies" The best thing to do would be to PM either Reedy (paul Reed) or immortal (Wez Murch) as they are the coaches there and both post on this forum

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    Thanks mate much appreciated! Will pm them when I get chance thanks again


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