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Thread: anyone here admit to doing steroids?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smurfette5ft View Post
    My brother did. He’s never discussed the condition of his balls, & I have no desire to ask. In about 7 weeks his shoulders became about as wide as a loveseat sofa. He got serious lean muscle mass and probably as strong as a gorilla-fast. Later on, his hair started to thin a bit and he had some jacked up kind of acne skin issue on his back. He became a total ass with a short temper. His wife got scared and left him. (She thought it was all the pain meds) By 6 months he called me from the hospital. All he remembers was benching at the gym, and then waking in the back of an ambulance. He had a “cardiac event”. He doesn’t use anymore, but his body was much better before he used than it is now. He visits a cardiologist, and has to get another liver functions test. He just lost a good friend in Pro Wrestling to a stroke very recently. Another good friend is making a debut in WWE soon. Stay tuned for his story; I’m sure he’ll suffer the same fate as everyone else.
    Thats a frightening story
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    Quote Originally Posted by clarky14 View Post
    But surely using roids in local shows etc isnt really a fair advantage. My opinion of local shows was to 1) give guys just starting out a place to begin (and fighters only mag has been stressing the importance of an amateur career) and 2) to work out where your skill level is as no gradings etc, if you compete and come up against some bloke who's all jacked up on gear then you're not really getting a fair assessment of your skills. Or is this opinion not shared by others involved in the sport?

    Just my VHOH.

    To be honest, you can spot the guys on the local shows who are roided up. I've judged a few and you can normally see the rash as they get into the cage. As soon as you see it, you know the fight is going one of two ways.

    (1) Roid head suplexes their opponent and GNPs or subs the win within 30 seconds.

    (2) The guy that's trained hard for the fight lasts the first 30s, the roid head gasses and the other guy wins.

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    I agree with all that you've said, but still, does'nt it take the whole ethos of amateur competition away? It is just a huge shame that some guys would prefer to stick needles into themselves rather than train DAMN hard in order to get the better of their opponent.

    Just a bad byproduct of the sport I suppose.

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