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Thread: Phil Ounsley in the SUN Newspaper today

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    Default Phil Ounsley in the SUN Newspaper today

    There is a story on Caged Steel fighter Phil Ounsley in the Sun Newspaper today.

    Phil wont mind me saying this but I took Phil from a complete novice less than 2 years ago and helped him get to where he is now. With 2 fights already lined up in March and May I think Phil has yet to reach his potential.

    Good luck mate and well done so far!
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    You got a link to the article?
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    Page 14..

    ten characters

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    saw phil beat shaun lomas the guy has some very gd skills
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    Proud of you Phil. Well done buddy.

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    Thanks for the link.
    BJJ White belt, 2 stripes.

    General badmotherfucker.

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    Default sun site

    Yes mate, go on the site and type in Phil Ounsley at the top, there are several stories on Phil as he has been on gladiators etc.
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    It's a really positive piece, congratulations to Phil. Alex Owen was banned from fighting by his force because they thought that rozzers doing mma was bad P.R. Hopefully this could give him the ammo he needs to be allowed to renew his career.

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    Default Rozzer

    yeah and with Phil being an Inspector its got to give some credibility to the sport
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    Great article. Well done Phil and Caged Steel.
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