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    Having watched the Brandon Quick drama unfold and the very passionate response of the BJJ community worldwide, I have a question.

    Is the same level of opportunism (paid gradings, false credentials, etc) prevalent in Judo or Sambo? Or has the explosion of the UFC and its showcasing of BJJ made it a more lucrative and easily exploited avenue.

    Are there Karate forums calling out instructors and dodgy black belts posting You Tube tutorials from their bedrooms? Or is this phenomenon unique to BJJ?

    Judo seems to be free from all the drama....or am I just naive?
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    Competition records although not complete are quite accesable in judo; and the governing bodies are well regulated; you will always get some bullshit instructors; but usually they are easy to disprove so no reqirement for a forum police.

    No idea about how well Sambo is regulated.

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    i'm guessing it's alot easier to get a bb in judo than in bjj, so there won't be such a need for people to lie about it, plus there are probably alot more judo bb's around, so it won't seem so prestigious perhaps...

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    The Bridlington Karate club have a bullshit judo grade. Weirdly the guy is legit 2nd Dan (I think, from memory) under the BJA, but now he claims something like 6th Dan which has been awarded by some random fat guy who set up his own association (and also gave their guys grades in Shotokan).

    Karate may have more nonsense grades than legit from what I've seen. There are still plenty of fully legit karate places, but there are also loads who have grades from people who just started their own branch of karate, called themselves 10th Dan and started handed out grades.

    No matter what art someone is looking to train, the best advice is to fully check up on any club/instructor before training with them.

    As jcraig60 said, judo records are easily accessible (the BJA also have a grade register on their site). BJJ isn't so good but most guys can be confirmed with an email to their instructor or will show up on Google if they've competed. -

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    My old instructor gave me a 1st Dan in Karate, even though I know absolutely nothing about it. He did it to show how 'worthless' it is. He was something like a 3rd or 4th Dan.

    Ref OP; People will always claim false credentials, if there's money to be made from it.

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