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    Was just in netto to buy some bread and milk for my sarnies and brews tomorrow and this old bloke of about 85 comes chundling over with his trolley and runs into the back of me by the bread section. I turned round and just said summat like "oops mate be careful now" dead nicely and he just chuntered something under his breath and carried on without apologising. I felt rage hit my chest as all i wanted was an apology or for him to simply not be an ass. My face went dead red and i felt my palms go all tingly but i held my temper but shouted "excuse me mate, are you going to say sorry?" but then he went "gooooo onnnnn fuck off with ya" in a vulgar manner and waved his arms at me.

    My head almost exploded but I didn't twat him. I grabbed him and threw the old cunt into a cardboard stand full of warburtons crumpets. I then started screaming at him sayin "what ya say you old bastard? What ya fuckin say?". The security obviously thought i was to blame and ran over to tackle me and not the old man (who was in the wrong), but i didn't have time to explain. I grabbed my shopping basket, swung it hard and sent it crashing into the security guard's face. He literally flew back and landed in the shelves full of bread.

    I didn't hang about, I turned, booted the old man in the ribs as he lay amidst the crumpets and then legged it out the store and home. But does anyone know if they have security cameras in netto and will they try and find me and prosectute? Even though I wasn't to blame all the cctv will show is me acting violent. It wont be able to prove that the old man was rude to me and deserved it.
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