I posted another post:

'I know you guys are on my side and this is great, but I'm still worried as fuck TBH. I'm really hoping that they don't have cameras in Tesco anyway. The only way i can be caught is if they have cctv footage and can find me and identify me. I dunno if i can try and say he instigated it by running his trolley into me?


'Um, seriously, I don't think anyone here is on yr side. You sound fucking insane. You knocked an old man to the ground for NO JUST reason & kicked him in the ribs? Of course they have CCTV, & I hope they find you, you maniac'

Stubbsy, some people hope you will be found 'you maniac', but there's always people on your side (...and prepared to do character witnesses for you in court). I'll stick up for ya mate, lol!