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Thread: Lets organise an attack on general discussion

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    LOL! Oh right, you only get it if you troll? is that it?
    How you expect to run with the wolves come night when you spend all day sparring with the puppies

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    No. ACA is not (contrary to misinformed popular belief) a trolling organisation.
    The majority of ACA are not trolls at all.

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    ok to be safer lets not flood the place with porn or scat as it's not fair on the other mods who people actually respect. And it's not fair on people who want to view the forum at work.

    I say we just spam that pic of David5 with BIG TEETHED TWAT written under it everywhere in general until he's had his moderating status removed for being such a cunt.

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    we will do scat tomorrow then.

    Can someone find a suitable scat pic as i don't fancy browsing through scat at the moment

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