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Thread: Best Shin Pads on the Market

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    Default Best Shin Pads on the Market

    i enjoy the equipment threads so thought i give another one a go what your favourite and most liked shin gaurd and why?

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    I tried fairtex shin guards but bought the wrong size so they were too big, nonetheless, I didn't like the way the foot plate stuck out flat. I recently purchased a pair of Sandee and the foot is curved so that it fits better. I've only ever tried these two since they are a fairly expensive piece of kit but I can thoroughly recommend the sandee ones for thai or kickboxing (never tried mma sparring with them on)
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    Hayabusa shin guards - they dont spin round my legs like my old fairtex ones - Use discount code cagewarriors for 10% off your order

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    Another vote for sandee. I like their gloves too. In blue they look sexified. sexified.

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    I have fairtex ones, the padding is great on the shins but as earlier stated, the foot is a bit too flat and I also found that it "dug in" where it joins the bottom of the shin part. Just have to wear anklets to counter act that.

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    I think that the thai pads move about far to much but i think the hayabusa ones are far to expensive

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    I use rogue. They are exactly the same as the Hayabusa ones but 15 cheaper.
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    Yeah they dont look bad bit like the caged steel ones.

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    For Thai shin pads over the years i used Fairtex, Twins, Blitz and now the latest one Top King and i think the last one is the best its snug great protection and they don't slide about, Twins shins a close second.

    For MMA i only had Rogue shins and thought they were great they lasted 4 years of use, only recently fall apart.
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    thai ones are just so expensive.

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