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Thread: Have you ever choked someone out?

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    This twat mounted me within seconds and just sat there laughing at me trying to escape.
    Do you two have a history? It sounds a bit weird

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atlasmma View Post
    wow - she was not even trying?!

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    i've been passed out a few times.... generally I kinda figure that I'll try and escape as long as I can and once in a while I have underestimated just how tight I'm caught!

    One of my mates who had just started BJJ got pissed at my house and started talking shit that I couldn't tap him etc (I'm a 72 kilo purple belt) because he was bigger than me, stronger than me blah-blah-blah.... I promised him that I would put him to sleep within 2 minutes next time we rolled.... armbar 20 seconds.... triangle 40 seconds.... he tapped, I smiled and shook my head, waved "nite, nite" and passed him out! We have a good laugh about it and he still talks shit when he's drinking... lol

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    i have passed out before but only because i chose to. if you relax and accept you are going to pass out then it is quite peaceful. however it is a fucking horrible feeling when your struggling to loosen the choke when you can't breathe
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    Been choked out once, choked someone out once.

    Remarkably painless being choked out. Well a bit of discomfort, but it wasn't enough to make me tap clearly. If I had to pick a method of being killed, it would not be a bad choice I think. Maybe they should use it as a method of execution instead of all that lethal injection stuff.

    The guy I choked out was from a triangle, didnt seem to be tapping, despite the fact that I thought I had it locked in pretty well, suddenly started making a kind of snorting (snoring?) noise. Released the hold, he was fine, if a bit shaky for a while. Acutally sounded almost identical to when a big Russian guy fell unconscious in a very hot Baltic sauna I was in. (That was fun, trying to drag a very fat, naked sweaty bloke out of the sauna. I was very much hoping he wasn't dead, did not fancy trying to give him mouth to mouth. He recovered ok though, acording to the Doctor that came vodka before saunas is a very bad idea, another helpful hint for living)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingTriangle View Post
    So has anyone on the forum choked anyone out? in competition or accidently in sparring.
    I was going to say "How do you choke someone out accidently?" when I remember that's how I saw the planets and birdies!

    This is going back a few years and a very strong dude was under me in Side control and he grabbed my gi and started choking. I did a push up to Knee on belly and armbarred him. He tapped and afterwards I explained that that wasn't the best way to get out exactly and that he'd better spend his energy framing and shrimping. He shook his head and we rolled again. Soon I passed his guard again into Side control and low and behold just grabbed the gi and started choking. I remember thinking to myself:

    "What a twat. What's the point of coming to practice if you're not tryin.....ZZZZZzzzz"

    Next thing I remember was Hywel shouting at people to move back and give me some space to breathe

    the funny thing is, that was the last time I saw that guy!! I think it freaked HIM out more than it did me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by liamwandi View Post
    I was going to say "How do you choke someone out accidently?"
    Mine was...

    We were doing competition sparring (from standing, obviously) in pairs with each pair being watched by a third person to keep score etc. I locked in a loop choke standing and took it to the ground with the choke locked in... thought "strange, this feels pretty tight but he isn't tapping" then realised his arms were totally loose and flopping on the ground. Let go of the choke and he was gurgling. I looked up and the guy who was meant to be watching us was actually chatting to someone else, totally oblivious, lol. -

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    Quote Originally Posted by LukeH View Post
    You may already know this, but you can use your feet to tap as well.
    Just a quick side comment but pls be careful when you tap with your feet because it's not always easy to hear or distinguish from the noise of the bodies rolling on the mat. Also, it can look/sound like explosive bridging. Best option is to tap 2-3 times with your hand on your partner's body. Failing that, on the mat, failing that verbally loud and clear (just say tap tap rather than the "AaAaaah!" crap).
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    So has anyone on the forum choked anyone out? in competition or accidently in sparring.
    I choked me chicken
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