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Thread: Have you ever choked someone out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iconoclast View Post
    I trained at a place in london where I was rolling with a blue belt. He seemed like a really nice guy and was being pretty helpful because he knew it was only my second class.

    Then suddenly he collar choked me. I tapped hard but he didn't let go. So I tapped again and he still didn't let go. I could feel that my head was about to explode and I couldn't breathe. I just kept tapping furiously until he finally let go. I saw him and the instructor share a smile between them as they watched me lying on the mat gasping for air.

    The class was near to the end so I sat the rest out. Afterwards I just went up to the instructor, paid the class fee and left. I never went back to that place and I very nearly turned my back on BJJ.

    To this day that incident causes me great anxiety, as that doubt is always in the back of my head as to whether whoever I'm sparring with will let go if I tap.

    I don't want anyone to tell me that shit is just a part of BJJ and that I have to just suck it up. That's just straight up bullying IMO.
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    Only once I've held a choke even after my partner tapped, and that was for a reason...

    I had taken mount and got grips for a cross-collar choke. I started to apply it and the guy "went out" but I was pretty sure he was faking it... so I started to loosen the choke and he started fighting back again laughing. So then I applied the choke fully and when he tapped held it on for a second longer (without increasing the pressure more though). He didn't go unconscious. -

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    The only time i've choked anyone unconcious was at my 1st ever grappling tournament at Angrrr Management. Due to the long wait to weigh in I decided that it was better to eat and drink somthing and go into the heavier category than go into the lower one with no energy. So I eneded up in the LHW category weighing 84.1kgs.

    My first fight was against a guy who was loads bigger than me. He actually managed to pick me up and throw me out the area while I was working for the Omoplata. Then I managed to get half guard with the lockdown with his leg extended. I was underneath then secured the head and arm with the view to sweep. But I heard his breathing get really heavy so I thought I would hold it, expecting him to tap. Next thing he goes all limp and i'm stuck with a 93kg guy on top of me and I had to tell the ref he was out. LOL

    This was the only time I've put anyone to sleep and it was such a wierd feeling knowing you have just choked somone out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simonmobiledisco View Post
    I was training back in London, I was a blue belt, we had a decent class of good people taught by a very good Purple. Anyway this guy turns up, never seen him before, he's a whitebelt, walks in fairly cocky and when it comes to sparing every notices he has the worst hygine possible. His gi looks like a dish rag. and his power rangers t-shirt underneath smells of Billy Ocean. He has been talking shit about all these moves he's learn't on the internet, but the guy haz no game at all except stink out.

    My instructure give me the kobrai kai 'sweep the leg' look. And get mount and choke him, his arm raise to tap release a pungent mushroom cloud from his arm pit. So I slap on the choke harder so he's tapping like bambi on amphetamines. I look at my instructure and he have game me the smile that I done well in the name of the kai.

    At the end he took his power rangers lunchbox and left. We never saw him again.
    lol it can't have been me mate. I didn't even own a gi at the time. I was just wearing a t shirt and shorts.

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    It's only ok to hold a choke after they tap if they have been disrespectin you and your mother. thats why i think babalu should have stayed in ufc

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    i applied a scarf hold to my partner but he didnt tap , he went out and when he came around he said he thought he was sitting on the bus to town lmao , he did say tho he didnt tap because he thought it was comfortable to rest a second ! what a mistake
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    I was choked out 7 times over 45 minutes when being graded for my Blue Belt
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    Quote Originally Posted by FNG View Post
    I was choked out 7 times over 45 minutes when being graded for my Blue Belt
    unconcious? id hope not..

    i was about 2 seconds from being put to sleep today for the very first time in my was a shit feeling..

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