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Thread: Tiger Muay Thai / mma ?

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    Default Tiger Muay Thai / mma ?

    has anyone been to this camp in thailand?

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    where about in thailand is it?
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    Chalong. Phuket
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    If anyone is looking for Thai Training in Thailand, checkout Keatkhamtorn Gym.

    They dont do MMA, its strictly a Thai camp for Thai Fighters, but they are very welcoming of westerners. i Was there just before Christmas, and it is an excellent place, not a huge place, so its really family freindly feel to the place.

    Its home of Nopparat Keatkhamtorn two time Lumpini champion and Thailand Champion, and whole stable of thai's regularly fighting at the main Bangkok Stadiums. The Gym specialises in Clinch and Knees which thier fighters are known for.

    Its in Bangkok, but a short way out of the city centre, down a nice leafy lane.

    If anyone wants info re training there PM me.

    I took some photos while i was there too, check it out here Photography

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    Tiger Muay Thai and MMA, from what I've heard is fully westernised and is headed up (MMA wise) by Ray Elbe, who failed to qualify for TUF last year/year before.

    If you were going to Thailand to do Thai boxing, I personally would pick another camp.
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    in all fairness Keatkamthorn isnt an alternative really.... as its thai only, plus their style predominatly Clinch is really a very stadium style (have sent some guys their before)

    Tiger is decent if you want mma as part of your program and also is on phuket - so you have beaches

    however if you want just thai training (albeit near beach) there are a number of options in phuket....
    chalong, rawai, promthep, chang,sinbi etc etc.... I'd recommend Kiat Thannachot - small gym away from the tourist spots, main trainer is Pat - who was one of the Contender Asia trainers...

    if you want thai with no beach then hed to Bangkok ;-) loads of options
    the gym we mainly use - has a BJJ blackbelt training MT there- Adam kayoom, he also runs a BJJ academy in bangkok...he would happily have you there to play in the gi after thai boxing....

    also have Bangkok Fight CLub in BKK, a purple belt with some MMA experience runs that - Alex - whos very friendly and happy to roll
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    I would highly reccommend Jitty gym went last year and was very tough the guys who were fighting got pushed VERY hard with clinch work and sparring, and the gym has a great atmosphere plus the food is excellant

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    There is so many choices proberly only going for 10 days and wante dto do the whole trip for under 1200 can that be done?

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    1200 will be plenty mate it's cheap to get around on the MRT and Sky train training and somewhere to stay will be within your budget at whatever camp you choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HendoUK View Post
    There is so many choices proberly only going for 10 days and wante dto do the whole trip for under 1200 can that be done?
    In Bangkok yes easily. Dont know about the island gyms, probabaly more exensive plus the cost of living is higher too.

    Keatkhamtorn prices are as follows:

    Single training session (a.m. or p.m.) - 300 Baht.

    Days training (both a.m. & p.m.) - 500 Baht.

    Months training (both a.m. & p.m.) - 10,000 Baht.

    Months training, including shared air conditioned room at the gym (maximum 3 persons, but to yourself if the number of foreigners is low) with hot running water, t.v., fridge, free wireless internet, free drinking water and coffee, and meals after training (breakfast and evening meals) - 25,000 Baht.

    Months training, including private air conditioned room at local apartment, with hot running water, t.v., fridge, free wireless internet, and meals after training (breakfast and evening meals) - 30,000.

    Thats about 95 for 10 days training, 2 sessions a day. If you eat Thai food the cost of food is pennies. Things start going up somewhat if u start adding in Bar Girls and beer. or email the owner Jakae on Photography

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