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Thread: Tiger Muay Thai / mma ?

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    any of the phuket gyms really, samui, koh lanta - pretty much any where you go will have a gym of some sort nearby....depends on what you want

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    @Benny and Hillman: Same here, she would let me go but I would never hear the fucking end of it.

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    im off to TMT 1st of feb for a month, heard nothing but good reports and cant wait to go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by No surrender View Post
    1200 will be plenty mate it's cheap to get around on the MRT and Sky train training and somewhere to stay will be within your budget at whatever camp you choose.
    Man you would live like a king on $1200 for 10 days.

    I spent 2000 (including flights and accom) in 3 weeks, and I wasnt budgeting in any way, thats just what I ended up spending while buying everything I wanted.
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    Yeah, I got a flight about 2 weeks before my holiday for 400 (if I hadn't waited and messed around it would have been 300 - try STA if you're young enough) and spent about 400 over there in 2 weeks cramming as much in as possible, including nice accom, travel, trains up north, food, trek adventures (white water rafting, jungle walking and swimming in a massive waterfall, bamboo rafting and some other stuff I've proably forgotten), elephant nature park (if you get a chance to go to this in Chiang Mai, go. It was one of the best days of my life), a days thai cookery school (at 'Siam rice', also an awesome thing to check out), ringside seats at the Lumpenee, and all the other touristy shit as well as buying souvenirs and eating and drinking like a king every night.

    You can eat awesome food for about 2 pounds. I think the most I speant was on a proper fancy meal on decking over a river in the fancy part of town with an amazing live band and 2 pitchers of beer, and that was <5.

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    would that include buying new equipment?

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    I got a couple of pairs of shorts, but I was backpacking so I didn't have any room to stock up. However, I had a look in a couple of shops while I was there and it's all very cheap. In the official twins shop outside the lumpinee I think gloves were about 15. Definitely buy from the official shops while you're over there. If nothing else, it's cheaper than the markets cos it comes straight from the factories, and you won't get brushed off with fakies.

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    not sure if i am going bangkok think im just going phuket

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    Phuket is a lot more expensive in every way than anywhere else. And it's a bit gross. But if a beach is a must, It might be your best option. Although there are some way less touristy beachy areas around the bay of bangkok/gulf of thailand.

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    phuket is only gross if you stick to Patong....IMO

    head north to Kao Lak (bout 1.5hr drive) or around Phang Nga bay to any number of beaches/villages - or boat to an island or Hong.s....or east around the bay to Krabi....

    lots of cool places....and a fair few nice beach's on phuket - again if you get away from the main toruist spots

    however agreed it is more expensive for most things

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