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Thread: knock out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bateman View Post
    hahahahaha class....

    The little bitch took exception that and PM'd me.

    I just keep repeating to myself "it's ok the big bad man can't get me behind my keyboard".
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    he sent you a pm? why? this is the internet, its not real

    serotonin by armbar

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxy View Post
    he sent you a pm? why? this is the internet, its not real

    serotonin by armbar
    I'd just pass his guard into mount and watch him cry
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    Somewhere between the 1st round and the 12th probably, just a guess but I don't know.
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    A clean KO is much, much more likely to happen in the early rounds. Later T(ko's) are just due to too much punishment being taken (normally).

    The punches get weaker, you have time to get used to actually being hit by the punches (if you aren't KOd early).. not only that, but more importantly.. if someone has the power to knock you out... the chance is its going to happen when they hit you. Not suddenly after already hitting you for 10 rounds. (obviously there are exceptions). Also getting hit early can obviously be a shocked to the system, not warmed up etc.

    This post is all about the majority of the time of course.

    But I dont think it's a stupid question and unanswerable... Think it's blateny obvious to answer, so yeah maybe its a stupid question for that reason actually

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