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Thread: Trolling baby centre

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    Default Trolling baby centre

    I was intrigued when femme was going on about baby cemntre last night so I had a look. As I began signing up I kind of paused and thought this has reached a new level of sadness, a 28 year old man trolling a pregnancy forum for laughs. But the pause didn't last long and I continued anyhow.

    I couldn't be arsed put much thought into a first thread just incase the mods were dead strict and just insta-banned me, so i copied an old thread i made a while back but changed bits accordingly.

    If they take the bait i'll make up some other daft shit to wind them up as well:

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    ha ha quality, i can see a ban looming though mate

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    ur prob right. I perhaps should of been a bit more discreet., Only i didn;t want to talk about pregnancy constructively for a few weeks so they trusted me as a genuine pregnant 18 year old girl before dropping the bombs.

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    Looks like the admin took you seriously.

    If you'd like to sound genuine, do a post about having your 20 week scan and how the woman doing the scanning was a right bitch to you.

    Follow it up with a post about how to get a maternity grant.

    They'll think you're genuine for a few days at least.

    Or just start bitching on other people's posts. It's easy enough. There's plenty of saddos on there.

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    Damn well she seemed very civil and nice about it which make it harder to troll them. I was expecting an outrage re the smoking.

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    I think I need to go on there as a man and ask question like "when will I be able to send my mrs back to work cos I'm on the dole and we need her money so I can by more pre-ownded xbox games and weed" and "my pregnant mrs is angry cos i'm always down the pub, but what am i supposed to do. Or maybe a "how the fuck do I get out of paying child maintenance?" thread.

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    Too obvious, make them trust you then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM ME

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigSt.Clair View Post
    Too obvious, make them trust you then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
    It's not too obvious clearly as everyone believes me. I'm not going to spend days and days talking about being a mother otherwise i'd be trolling myself.

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    On this site we are used to trolls, so we can sniff them out quickly and easily. I doubt that the hormonal women on babycentre have got much experience with trolls.

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    Itís really not safe to antagonize a group of expecting mothers. A pregnant woman will just kill you, and then feed the remaining evidence of your flesh & existence to a pack of dogs. Maybe one of those vegan groups instead. Everyone is offended by BBQ puppy.
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