East Coast Fight Factory are looking to match these fighters @ MMA for 19th feb 2010 - Norwich.

Show info @ www.fightfactorys.com

Lightweight MMA Bout - Semi-Pro - 2x5min
(Chivenor MMA) Ross Emery Vs. TBA


Welterweight MMA Bout - Semi Pro - 25min
(Cambridge Freefight) Jake Sweet Vs. TBA


Light-Heavyweight MMA Bout - Semi-Pro - 2x5min
TBA Vs. "Little" John Calderwood (Norwich Kickstop MMA)


Bantamweight MMA Bout - Amt - 1x5min
(Elite TC) Tom Creasey Vs. TBA

First timer

Catchweight 86kg MMA Bout - Amt - 1x5min
TBA Vs. Matt Portass (Avaddon MMA)

First timer

Heavyweight MMA Bout - Amt - 1x5min
(Combat Ju Jitsu MMA) Will Jones Vs. TBA

First timer

Lightweight MMA Bout - Amt - 1x5min
TBA Vs. Mark Durringham (Avaddon MMA)

Catchweight 63kg MMA Bout - Amt - 1x5min
TBA Vs. Sam Creasey (Elite TC)


K1/Kickboxer ECFF are looking to match:

eatherweight Girls K1 Bout - Semi-Pro - 32min
(Tsunami Gym) Amanda Locke Vs. TBA


Lightweight K1 Bout - Pro - 3x2min
TBA Vs. Ian "solid" Goldie (Fighting Fit Martial Arts)


Featherweight Girls Kickboxing Bout - Pro - 32min
(Norwich Kickstop MMA) Emily Cawley Vs. TBA

First timer

Lightweight Kickboxing Bout - Pro - 32min
(Mckenzie Combat Fitness) Terry Goldsmith Vs. TBA

First timer

Catchweight 80kg K1 Bout - Pro - 3x2mins
(Tsunami Gym/Pro Am Fight Gym) Pat Owens Vs. TBA


Light-Heavyweight K1 Bout - Pro - 3x2min
(Norwich Kickstop MMA) Tomas Siaucila Vs. TBA


if you can help email fight-factory@hotmail.co.uk or Text/call 07799324708 for more info.


Stuart Chase - East Coast Fight Factory