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Thread: MMA Referee available

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    Default MMA Referee available

    As there are many new shows starting this year, I thought I would take this opportunity to offer my services as MMA Referee on any new or existing shows.

    I am already quite well established as a referee working on many top UK events, but wanted to make myself known to everyone in the MMA community. I can also supply or recommend other referees if 2 referees are required on an event.

    I already taken bookings for 2010, anyone interested in booking me for refereeing please email or pm here on cagewarriors.

    Here is a hyperlink to my refereeing footage, hope the link works ok.
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    Neil is a great ref and I have had the pleasure to work with him numerous times.

    Top guy.
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    100% wicked bloke and excellent referee
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    Did you make like 9 threads?

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    Default Thorough

    always been thorough my friend
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    This person is great referee and he ref every time i see HL from fights in UK!

    Give him chance to end in UFC

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    ive had the pleasure of watching niel ref,he is without doubt alonng with trevor mitchell one of the best refs ive had the pleasure of having officiate over..several of my freinds and fighters i know...very fair,very precise but takes no nonesense....excellent ref all round!!!....only thing i dont understand though....a highlight reel to blur "whooohooooo" backing music of someone reffing??lol i duno i just found it unusual...what next the honorory ufc judge cecil peoples doing a highlight reel of his judging?lol or ray proctor doing a highlight reel to metaliica sandman of his time keeping lol...naaaahhhh just joking ttt to a great ref

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    neil is a very good ref hope he is doing total combat 33

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    Default Referee

    Thank you very much for the kind words everyone, I do appreciate it.

    I particularly like the comment for the UFC, that would be a dream come true to referee on the UFC.

    The highlight reel, I was toying with the idea of using it to show to potential sponsors, after all, a referees t-shirt gets seen around a lot, on TV, magazines, at the events etc. Prime advertising / selling space lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Hall View Post
    I particularly like the comment for the UFC, that would be a dream come true to referee on the UFC.

    "If You have a DREAM, go ahead ist possible!" - Lyoto Machida after taking belt from Rashad Evans

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