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Thread: What focus mitts do you use?

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    Default What focus mitts do you use?

    Looking to get some new focus mitts because mine are pretty useless against big hitters (not much shock protection) plus they have no wrist support.

    Edit: Plus they need to be able to handle the odd kick/knee/elbow

    Was wondering what you use and what you would recommend?
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    I sell the ringside ones for 23.99

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    I don't I use my head lmao.

    Nah I use Elite ones, they're a nice fit and comfy as hell.
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    Our gym has fairtex and mtg pro. Both are awesome.

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    I think most brands are good exept the lonsdaleones you can but from sports world.

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    I have got a couple of Sandee Large Flat on offer ~ why ~ becasue I only ever seem to sell the Basic Leather Design by Master - I must admit they do the job and have used them at my own classes were my students beat the crap out of them and I have only ever had a pair back in 2 years.

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    what price u knocking the sandee ones out at around 35 - 40

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