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Thread: Mosely v Berto OFF

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    Default Mosely v Berto OFF

    Sadly the fight wont happen as Berto is haitin and has family there and has obviously felt the pain as of late and has said that he isnt good to fight.

    Now to the good news..
    Surely this opens up for mayweather to step in. Richard Schaeffer said in an interview the other day that there will be an announcement who floyd will fight in the upcoming days.

    For me this has to happen no? If floyd doesnt take this fight then he just gives his critics the ammo they need to keep labeling him duckweather.

    I wonder if golden boy said to berto that he doesnt have to fight (given the circumstances), pay him a tidy sum to step aside and guarantee him a shot at the winner.

    If Floyd and Mosely do fight the same night as Pac v Clottey (march 13th both floyd and manny said they will fight) i reckon mosely floyd would piss all over pacs fight in ppv.

    This fights gotta happen right?

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    shame the fight is off but would like to see mayweather step in.

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    The fact Mayweather and Mosley haven't already fought is enough to explain why MMA is better then boxing. And I was a boxing fan way before an MMA fan.

    This fight needs to happen, badly.. it's too late already, any later and it will lose more credability.

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