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    Default boxing gloves??

    My best pair was a pair of twins which I had for over a year and where good but recently bought a pair of Lonsdale which are already ruined as I sometimes roll in them. So I was just wondering if any1 had any suggestions or shall I just go back to the trusted twins? Thanks.

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    The only advice I can give you is don't roll in your boxing gloves, thats the only reason your lonsdale ones have fallen apart, use MMA gloves to roll in or none at all and just throw your hands without landing them. Your Twins are sure to get fucked aswell if you role in them, I myself use Lonsdale gloves for boxing and they are fantastic, I've had them about 6 months now.
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    You cant beat the handmade leather versions such as Sandee,Twins or Cleto Reyes but like one of the other post mentioned, If you plan on rolling in them stick with an MMA glove.My personal favourite is the Cleto's but it depends on your budget.
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