Following on from my Thai lessons on the other thread. Please post all foreign swear words here with their translations.


Yet mae = Motherfucker
Yet mang = Fuck you
Yet = Fuck
Ai sat = Twat
Kwai = Buffalo
Hoop baak = Shut up
Orn kuay = Suck cock
I hayer = Son of a bitch
Farang keenohk = Birdshit foreigner
Sheephai = Oops, I fucked up
Chong mang = I don't give a fuck
Mung = Highly derogative form of 'you'
Goo = Highly arrogant form of 'me'
Ga-ree = whore, Slut
Loog-Ga-Ree = Son of the whore
Yed Por = Fuck your father
Sudd-Na-Rok = Damned Devil
Tood-Muek = Asshole
Gook Kuay = Damned Penis
Na-Hee = Cuntface
Ai Na Dad = Clit face (Very vulgar)
Dollair = Bullshitter
Hee mah = Dog pussy
Gratoey = Homosexual
Yet ped = Duck fucker
Hee = Pussy
Chuk wow = (male) Masturbate (lit. fly kite)
Tob bed = (female) Masturbate (lit. fishing)
Hee mae mang = Fuck your mother
Kun Heeat = A lizard that eats garbage (quite vulgar!)
Mai chawp khun, dag ling = I don't like you, monkey cock.