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Thread: Foreign Swear Words Dictionary

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    Default Foreign Swear Words Dictionary

    Following on from my Thai lessons on the other thread. Please post all foreign swear words here with their translations.


    Yet mae = Motherfucker
    Yet mang = Fuck you
    Yet = Fuck
    Ai sat = Twat
    Kwai = Buffalo
    Hoop baak = Shut up
    Orn kuay = Suck cock
    I hayer = Son of a bitch
    Farang keenohk = Birdshit foreigner
    Sheephai = Oops, I fucked up
    Chong mang = I don't give a fuck
    Mung = Highly derogative form of 'you'
    Goo = Highly arrogant form of 'me'
    Ga-ree = whore, Slut
    Loog-Ga-Ree = Son of the whore
    Yed Por = Fuck your father
    Sudd-Na-Rok = Damned Devil
    Tood-Muek = Asshole
    Gook Kuay = Damned Penis
    Na-Hee = Cuntface
    Ai Na Dad = Clit face (Very vulgar)
    Dollair = Bullshitter
    Hee mah = Dog pussy
    Gratoey = Homosexual
    Yet ped = Duck fucker
    Hee = Pussy
    Chuk wow = (male) Masturbate (lit. fly kite)
    Tob bed = (female) Masturbate (lit. fishing)
    Hee mae mang = Fuck your mother
    Kun Heeat = A lizard that eats garbage (quite vulgar!)
    Mai chawp khun, dag ling = I don't like you, monkey cock.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    Default Spanish

    Baboso - Retard
    Bastardo - Bastard
    Besame el culo - Kiss my ass
    Besa mi culo, puto - Kiss my ass, Bitch

    Cagaste y saltaste en la caca - You shit and jumped in it
    Cago en tu leche - I shit in your milk
    Chinga tu madre - Fuck your mom
    Chinga usted - Fuck you
    Chorra - Stupid

    El burro sabe mas que tu - The donkey knows more than you
    Eres más malo que marihuana - You're worst than marijuana
    Eres tan estupido como un perro - You are as stupid as the dog

    Hijo de puta - Son of a Bitch
    Hijo de tu puta madre - Son of a Bitch
    Hueles a mierda - You smell like shit

    Kieta el stupido elephante - Shut up you stupid elephant

    La concha de tu madre - Your mother's cunt
    La concha tuya - Your cunt
    La ingle - Groin

    Maricón - Faggot
    Me cago en la leche! - Shit I've had bad luck! (literally "I shit in the milk")
    Mierda - Shit

    Poonta - Bitch

    Tonta - Bullocks
    Tu eres más feo que el culo de un mono - You are uglier than the butt of a monkey
    Tu hermano no tiene la ingle - Your brother has no groin
    Tu madre es muy gato y feo - Your mother is fat and ugly
    Tu madre es una estupida - Your mom is stupid
    Tu madre es una puta - Your mom is a whore
    Tu madre es una puta fea - Your mother is an ugly bitch

    Vete al infierno - Go to hell
    Viete a la mierda! - Kiss my ass!

    Yo cago en la malo leche de tu puta madre - I shit in your whore mother's dirty breast milk

    That last one will get you into a fight.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    Default German

    My German is v poor and google didn't come up with much

    Du bist eine Schlampe! - You are a slut!
    Du Hurensohn - You son of a Bitch
    Ihre Mutter geht hurend in der Stadt - Your mother goes whoring in the city
    Sie dumm fuhrt - You stupid head
    Sie sind besonder... nur wie jecter sonst - You are special... just like everyone else
    Sprechen Sie mit mir verruckter Mann nicht! - Do not talk to me crazy man!
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    Default Arabic

    There are some awesome ones here

    Airi Fe Sabahak = My dick on your forehead
    Neek rasi = Fuck my skull
    Yla'an haramak = Damn your spouse
    Kos okht ile nafadak = Fuck he who brought you to this life
    Aire fe mabda'ak = My dick in your principles
    Toj koo' mas = Come suck my penis
    Zobree akbar minak = My dick is longer than you
    Ya manache'h = Fag, gay
    Air il'e yoshmotak = May you be struck by a dick
    Air il'e yeba'atak = May you be stabbed by a dick
    Fatah = Foreskin (considered a grave insult)
    Ah dena mukk = Damn your mother's religion
    Ahhlass = Shut up
    Koos = Cunt, pussy
    Yebnen = kelp Son of a dog
    Nikomak = Fuck your mother
    Sharmoota (or Sharmuta) = Whore, bitch
    Gahba = Whore, bitch
    Shlicke = Slut
    Ahbe = Slut
    Zarba = Shit
    Khara = Shit
    Kis = Vagina
    Elif air ab tizak = A thousand dicks in your ass
    Elif air ab dinikh = A thousand dicks in your religion
    Kisich = Pussy
    Mos zibbi = Suck my dick
    Waj ab zibik = An infection to your dick
    Kelbeh = Bitch
    Kul khara = Eat shit
    Kanith = Fucker
    Kwanii = Faggot
    Ya Khawal = Faggot
    Bouse Tizi = Kiss my ass
    Ebn el metnakah = Son of a motherfucker
    Inti sharmoota = You're a whore
    Inta sharmoot = You're a male whore
    Inta humar = You are a donkey (idiot: to a man)
    Inti humara = You are a donkey (idiot: to a woman)
    Inta shaz = You are a pervert
    Gildak khashina awee = Your skin is very rough
    Ikla hudumak = Take off your clothes
    Aiyz temus? = Would you like a blow job?
    Takhi = Bend over
    Mus zibii = Suck my cock
    Boos zibbi = Kiss my cock
    Teazak = Ass
    Kara = Ass
    Teez = Ass
    Zubrak = Penis, Cock, Dick
    Mekyad = Penis, Cock, Dick
    Ayir = Penis, Cock, Dick
    Zibbi = Penis, Cock, Dick
    Zib = Penis, Cock, Dick
    Zabourah = Penis, Cock, Dick
    Elhasi teezi = Lick my ass
    Reh tak khara = You smell like shit
    In'a'al mayteen ehlak = Damn your dead
    Bi kem el sharmoota di? = How much is this whore?
    Kul khara we moot = Eat shit and die
    Said bousak = Shut your mouth
    El hass hasawee = Lick my bollocks
    El hass el err = Lick my dick
    Rouh ya Ayr = Get lost, you prick
    Maniak = Active homosexual
    Khanzeera al matina = Pig in the mud (to a woman)
    Inta khaywan = Animal (to a man)
    Moomkin almiss bizazeek? = May I touch your breasts?
    Aiza ta'mili hagat wiskha ma'aya? = Would you like to do dirty things with me?
    Bit tifi wela bit tibla'ee? = Do you spit or swallow?
    Kess emmak = Your mother's genitals
    Kess ekhtak = Your sister's genitals
    Eyreh feek = My cock in you
    Eyreh be afass seder emmak = My dick in your mother's rib cage
    Akhu sharmoota = Brother of a whore
    Ibn haram = Bastard (lit. son of sin)
    Kalb = Dog
    Kis em ick = Go fuck your mom
    Gawwad = Pimp
    Khaswaat = Penis
    Inta Khawal = You are a fag
    El Khara Dah? = What is this shit?
    Inti mafish Mukh = You have no brains
    Hmar = Jackass
    Teezak jiyef = Your ass stinks
    Yakhreb beytak = Ruin to your house/family
    Yahreq deenak = May He burn your religion
    Yen 'aal deek ommack = You're an idiot (to a male)
    Yen 'aal deen ommak = Damn your mother's rooster
    Enta ghebee = Damn your mother's faith
    Arie Fique = Fuck you
    Koos mahrt ahbook = Your father's wife's pussy
    Looty = Fag, gay
    Bala ya khumak May = you get swept by a catastrophe
    Aneekak = Fuck you
    Hak arkab = Come get fucked
    Inta wihish = You are ugly
    Askut = Shut up
    In'al yomak = Curse the day you were born
    Zift = Idiot
    Wad al haram = Bastard
    Ia akho el-aibe eshaibe = Your sister is a slut
    Ia eben balaet ezeb = Your mother sucking a dick
    Fadak = An old male punter (client of a prostitute)
    Doe-deki = A young male punter (client of a prostitute)
    Bizzaz immak ala amood = Your mom's tits are on a pole
    Khara alayk = Shit on you
    Kir tu cheshet = Dick in your eye
    Akho Sharmuta = Brother of a whore
    Ayre feek = Fuck you
    Fikk wle = Go away, fuck off
    Kol ayre wle = Shut up, fuck off
    Bidde neek immak = Fuck your mother's cunt
    Ana akhannethak = Fuck you
    Airy Fik (pronounced Eye ree feek) = Fuck you (lit. My Dick in you)
    Barboog = Prostitute
    Zeb omak = Your mum's dick
    Oomak tilhas zibi = Your mum sucks dick
    Kool zigaan = Eat shit
    Yela'an sabe'a jad lak = Damn your seventh grandfather
    Ya khorg = Asshole
    Lahis zubi = Suck my dick
    Aars = Pimp
    Meaaaras = Pimp
    Yelaan kos omak = Damn your mother's cunt
    Zanya = Adulteress
    Yabdulh = Get away (lit. balls)
    Del Haz Bediate = Suck my balls
    Aneechik = I'll fuck you
    A tabbub zibby ib teezik = I'll insert my dick in your ass
    (Inta) Ibn Al-Himar = (You are ) a son of a donkey
    (Itna) Ibn Al-Kalb = (You are) a son of a canine/dog
    Allah Yela'an...= (add name) May the Lord curse...(add name)
    Kiramo Bemek = Suck my dick
    Koondeh = Faggot
    Kir to koone nanat = Dick up your mother's ass
    Surmayye a'raasac = A shoe is on your head (bad insult in Arabic)
    Akroot Male = whore
    Akrooteh Female = whore
    Tubjee = Fag (lit. he who sucks a dick)
    Mos eri = Suck my dick
    Mos era = Suck a dick
    Aleph Aeer Eb Koos Omak = 1000 dicks in your mama's pussy
    Edash bet kalef bentok? = How much for your daughter?
    Eyre be imak ya akhu sharmut! = Penis in your mother's ass!
    Yin el imek ya bint il sharmoota. = Damn your mom, you daughter of a bitch.
    Kus Abouk = Fuck your dad
    Kus Omak = Fuck your mom
    Kus Ukhtak = Fuck your sister
    Ana Aneek Amouk! = I'll fuck your mother!
    Kekri Gahba = Gay Whore
    Boofta = Transvestite
    Zamel = Gay ass.
    Gahba = Slut, whore, prostitute
    Miboon = Faggot
    Fased = A person who has been fucked a lot.
    Yabn Deen El kalb(a). = You, son of the religion of a dog/bitch.
    Yela'an Mayteen Ahlak = God damn the dead of your family.
    Haneek rabbak. = I'll fuck your God.
    Haneek Afkar Omak. = I'll fuck your mother's thoughts.
    Haneek Omm elly Khalefetak. = I'll fuck you and your grandma.
    Haneek elly yetchad ded lak. = I'll fuck you and your friends.
    Hottaha fi teezak. = Stick it up your ass.
    Zeb Abouya Fi koss Omak. = My dad's dick is in your Mom's twat.
    Bedi ikhra aleki ya shloke = I'll shit on you (to a female)
    Ayri b' shaklak = My dick in your appearance
    Akho shlickeh = Brother of a whore
    'ars = Pimp
    Ikhlassy akhrasi ya sharmoot wa iftahy khashmik = Shut up man-bitch and open your mouth
    Omak zanya fee erd = Your mother committed adultery with a monkey
    Badi lahsak manbat sha'er baidi = I will make you lick the roots of the hairs of my balls
    Laitohom ragado = Wish your parents slept that night. (the night you were conceived)
    Alaan abok labo abook, yabn al gahba okho el gahba, yal manyoch kess ommek o ommen yabetek! = Damn your dad, and his dad you son of a bitch and your sister is a bitch, you fucked up [guy] your mom's cunt and her ancestors!
    TDh-fa el fuse = The fuse went went out (Accompanied by an insulting gesture indicating stupidity: pointing to the head and making a motion of cutting a wire with a scissors, implying that there is no power to that person's brain.)
    Ma fish Kahraba = There is no electricity (Accompanied by an insulting gesture indicating stupidity: pointing to the head, implying that there is no power to that person's brain.)
    Kiss ikht yalli bazarak, ya akhou el alf menteki. = Fuck your sister, the brother of one thousand whores
    Yela'an shifit hifit darabzeen kaskoos immak = Damn your mother's labia
    Add ma emmak neketo la bayyak men tizo, hebil fik men bayadto. = Your mother fucked your father in the ass so much that he got pregnant and held you in his balls.
    Una bede et'hash zebe be dant bentok. = I wish to place my penis in your daughter's ear.
    Enta neket emmok oo' khelafto ekhtok. = You fucked your mum and she gave birth to your sister.
    Inta ooh abouk beh ileb ma'a zibkoom chil yaum. = You and your dad play with your dicks every day.
    Bedi hotak ala ras airy = I will put you on the tip of my dick
    Maftooha = A deflowered girl
    Airy yehreek = My dick will wear you out
    Aneek Omak = Fuck your mum
    Airy fe dameerak = My dick in your conscience
    Kiss wayhik = Your face's pussy
    Kis ahlik = Your family's pussy
    Rito sitteen alf air yor2oso dabke 3a kis emmak = I hope that 60000 dicks will dance on your mother's pussy
    Shem et Duat = Go to hell
    Kuss mm-ak ya'arku shar mouteh = Fuck you, mother fucker
    Kiss oumm yally bazarak = Fuck who gave birth to you
    Aneek oummak = Fuck your mother
    Airy be oummak = My dick in your mother
    Airy bi mafrat bazazik = My dick between your tits (titty fuck)
    Airi fee kus imak eil sharmoota = My dick in your mom's pussy, you son of a bitch
    Koss ommak ala air jamal mayyet = Your mother's pussy on a dead camel's dick
    Kafekom kalaman bel Arabia ya hi wah naht! = Stop speaking in Arabic, you animals!
    Kl zegg = Eat shit
    Ya mnyakah = You fag
    Ya jrar = You pimp
    Ya gawad = You pimp
    Ihir = Pussy
    Aneekik o aneek ummk o obook o ahlk klhm means = I'll fuck you and fuck your mom, dad and your whole family
    Mzghabah = Fag
    Bkem al lailah? = How much is one night?
    Musi o anti saktah = Shut up and suck (girl)
    Mus o ant sakit = Shut up and suck (man)
    Tfoo ala wishak = I spit in your face
    Yin'al mayteenak = Damn your dead ancestors
    Yin'al saleebak = Fuck your cross
    Rooh fi siteen alf dahya = Get lost into 60,000 disasters
    Kuss Ummak Bisinaan = Your mother's pussy has teeth
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    you got too much time on your hands mate haha, but i like it ha!

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    Default Russian.

    "Na kaleni, suka" = On your knees, bitch
    "Ti sleepoy, asleyp" = Impotent
    Bakapor = Dumbass
    Bliad' = Whore
    Chto za huy = What the fuck
    Chush' sobach'ya = Bullshit!
    Chyort voz'mi! Damn it!, Oh shit!
    Dalbaiyob = butthead, retard, brain fucker
    Dolboeb = fuckhead
    Drochit' = To Jerk off
    Huesos = cocksucker
    Hui = dick
    Idi na xuy husesos = fuck off cocksucker
    Mudak (pronounced MOOdak) = bastard
    Ostyn' = Chill out
    Otebis' = Fuck off
    Padla! = mean son of a bitch
    Past' zakroi = Shut it
    Pedrychio = Gay
    Perdet' = Fart
    Perestan' bit dabayobom = Stop being a dipshit
    Perhot' podzalupnaya = Pee hole dandruff
    Pit' zapoem = A chronic drunk
    Piz'duk = Bullshitter
    Pizdet' = To bullshit
    Poshyol ty' =Fuck you
    S'ebis' = Get the fuck out
    Shalava = dirty slut
    Shluha vokzal'naja = Train station whore
    Sooka = Bitch/traitor/whore
    Sosat' = To suck
    Svoloch' = Bastard
    Tebe Pizd'ets = You are fucked.
    Telka (pronounced tyolka) = prostitute
    Tolstak = fatass
    Zarasa = Pain in the ass
    Zavali yebalo = Shut the fuck up!
    chuvak = meathead
    ebanatyi pidaraz =fucking motherfucker
    golubaya bl'yad = gay whore
    govno = shit
    kooshi govno ee oomree = eat shit and die
    koshka = you piece of shit
    manda = cunt
    mugskie titiki = Man boobs
    shloocha = slut
    sooka ebnataya = fucked whore
    sosi ebanataya suka! = suck it you fucking whore
    sosi moi hui sooka! = suck my cock bitch
    This is not a gif. It is an actual video of Fedor doing infinate press ups.

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    Default Chinese (Cantonese)

    tee bet - Pussy/Fanny
    Hiigh - Fuck
    Dew lay lo mo hiiiiigh - Go fuck your mum
    Pok kai - Bastard
    Poi - Shit/bollocks type thing
    Oww Lye - Piece of trash (lit. dead wood)
    Ham sap - pervert
    See lip jai - retard (male)
    see lip moi - retard (female)
    gai - prostitute
    pee set - snot
    set - shit (the substance)
    sie fut gwei - a faggot (lit. arse ghost)
    chun choi - idiot
    da lay ah - I'll crack you
    ni dang ee - I'll hit you
    ni dang ee doo see - I'll hit you and you'll die
    ni see ah - just die

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    Simply put this is the most epic thing EVER in the Troll Hole ME

    "That was how i got my first soapy titwank!
    Listening is cool and shit." BlackdogMMA

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    Default Spanish

    pendejo-pubic hair
    pendeja-female version

    chewpanii culo-lick my ass


    cabron-u dick
    cabrona-female version

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    Many thanks for your input chaps.

    Lets get some other languages.

    Oh and Cabron in Spanish means Bastard. It is actually the word for Goat.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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