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Thread: Foreign Swear Words Dictionary

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    LOL at this thread, pretty funny.

    Also Jak-TapouT- there's some mistakes with the Russian swearwords you put

    "Ti sleepoy, asleyp" = Impotent
    Ti means you and sleepoy means blind, so will be something like "are you blind" or "have you gone blind"

    koshka = you piece of shit
    koshka means cat
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    I lived in China for a few years so I know some good mandarin stuff

    Cao ni ma(pronounced tsao ni ma) - fuck your mother
    Cao ni ma de bi - fuck your mothers cunt
    Tong xing lian - homosexual/gay
    Niang niang qiang - camp bloke/mincer
    Sha bi - fucking cunt
    Ji nu - prostitute/whore
    Yang gui zi - racist term for foreigners, means foreign devil/ghost.
    Xing bian tai - pervert
    Gou ri de - Son of a bitch
    Kou jiao - blow job
    Nan ren po - geezerbird
    Gei wo kou jiao ba- give me a blow job
    Ta ma de - motherfucker
    Ta hen jian - She's a slut
    Zhuang bi - show off/poser
    Bai chi - idiot/mentally retarded person
    Ben dan - stupid/idiotic
    Yin chong - kerb crawler
    Qu si(pronounced chu) - fuck off and die
    Shen jing bing - nutter
    Gong gong qi che - Slut(literally means public bus)
    Nao zhong - coward/weakling

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    Yet mang yetmae!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murphydeepheat View Post
    I lived in China for a few years so I know some good mandarin stuff

    Yang gui zi - racist term for foreigners, means foreign devil/ghost.
    Firstly let me offer my thanks to your input on this great thread. There is some good stuff there.

    However I read a book (based in Honk Kong so may be totally different) where they were called 'Gwelo'

    Is this the same?
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    Gwelo does indeed mean foreign devil, but in Cantonese, so yeah it's a Hong Kong thing.

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    Malaka - Wanker

    Use that one alot when driving in Cyprus....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viper View Post

    Malaka - Wanker

    Use that one alot when driving in Cyprus....
    pushty malaka is pussy wanker that is some how more offensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sledge View Post
    Baboso - Retard
    Bastardo - Bastard
    Besame el culo - Kiss my ass
    Besa mi culo, puto - Kiss my ass, Bitch

    Cagaste y saltaste en la caca - You shit and jumped in it
    Cago en tu leche - I shit in your milk
    Chinga tu madre - Fuck your mom
    Chinga usted - Fuck you
    Chorra - Stupid

    El burro sabe mas que tu - The donkey knows more than you
    Eres más malo que marihuana - You're worst than marijuana
    Eres tan estupido como un perro - You are as stupid as the dog

    Hijo de puta - Son of a Bitch
    Hijo de tu puta madre - Son of a Bitch
    Hueles a mierda - You smell like shit

    Kieta el stupido elephante - Shut up you stupid elephant

    La concha de tu madre - Your mother's cunt
    La concha tuya - Your cunt
    La ingle - Groin

    Maricón - Faggot
    Me cago en la leche! - Shit I've had bad luck! (literally "I shit in the milk")
    Mierda - Shit

    Poonta - Bitch

    Tonta - Bullocks
    Tu eres más feo que el culo de un mono - You are uglier than the butt of a monkey
    Tu hermano no tiene la ingle - Your brother has no groin
    Tu madre es muy gato y feo - Your mother is fat and ugly
    Tu madre es una estupida - Your mom is stupid
    Tu madre es una puta - Your mom is a whore
    Tu madre es una puta fea - Your mother is an ugly bitch

    Vete al infierno - Go to hell
    Viete a la mierda! - Kiss my ass!

    Yo cago en la malo leche de tu puta madre - I shit in your whore mother's dirty breast milk

    That last one will get you into a fight.
    Hico/Hica de grande cabello/burro - The son/daughter of a horse/donkey
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    My chinese mate who I've known for about 12 years taught me some words years and years ago in Cantonese.

    Diu ne lo mo - Fuck your mother
    Lei no mo gor hai - your mothers pussy ( or something along those lines )
    Poqgai - bastard
    Hum kah chan - death your family
    Sicey - eat shit
    Say baht po - stupid bitch
    San jay mall see fut - I hope your baby is born with no arse

    Spelling probably isn't 100% accurate but I know how to say them. Shame he didn't teach me anything I could actually use in china, unless I want to get mobbed.

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