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Thread: Which Creatine?

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    Default Which Creatine?

    If anyone can advise on which will be the best Creatine that would be great.

    I've got 1000g of some of Hollands & Barrets to try in the sales, should have cost 48 half price for 24 sounded a bargain. However since speaking to a bloke in the mall who sells this sort of stuff on a stall he recommended one that doesn't need a loading phase, just 3g twice a day and the effects are almost immediate. The product he had was 25 for 200g.

    I'll obviously use the one I just got but will it be worth trying the one he mentioned?


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    The idea of the loading phase is to saturate the muscle with creatine creating a creatine pool then you just maintain the level over the following weeks.

    I use reflex creatine most creatine products are fine no really difference between them IMO.


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    NUTRISPORT Creatine is best for value imo

    You dont really need a loading phase just take a tea spoon 9 (5-7grams) based on your size is enough and drink plenty of water

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