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Thread: Simon Hayes interview

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    ttt for a Simon Hayes book!!!! 'life in a boiler room' or something

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    Great interview. I've printed off the section about battling the ego...going to use it for inspiration in times when my head is telling that i'm tired and need to go straight home after work!

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    Great interview guys

    TTT for Simon's book

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    Man I really enjoyed reading that.

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    Good interveiew. Spent a large chunk of my lunch time reading it.

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    I second what Steve said. A book would go down VERY well in the UK BJJ scene.

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    Great read, I too would buy the book if you ever wrote one Simon!

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    Default nelson

    Quote Originally Posted by rjd View Post

    Just wondered why theres no mention of Nelson Solari surly he was a massive infulence in Carlson's UK
    I wondered that too, The man was a big influence of bjj in Calson UK ???????

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    Wonder if Nelson was technically good, i heard some great things about him

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    Good stories, Simon.

    How do you break your ankle kicking him in the groin? I figure that would be a soft, vulnerable area unless he was wearing a steal cup.


    BMX European Champion, not bad.
    Might have had a shot at the X Games if it had been around back then.

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