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Thread: Simon Hayes interview

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    Epic. Started reading it online but am now gonna print it off to read the rest!

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    Once again thanks for the feedback, like I said, I barely scratched the surface that afternoon; we'd finished the dinner time class and had some food and we had just over an hour to chat, nowhere near enough time, so look out for Parts II, III, IV etc lol

    Having read some comments on the forum and on here, I've got a few ideas on future interviews I'd like to do, so keep 'em peeled guys and once again thanks for reading the interview.


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    Quote Originally Posted by speedball View Post
    TTT for Simon's book
    agreed TTT
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    Thanks guys! And thanks to Carl for taking the time to transcribe a very long recording.

    Regarding Nelson Solari (Wilson's Instructor),he is an inspirational teacher and quite a character,but i'm trying to save some stuff for my book

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    Respect, a great read. I for one will definately buy your book mate!

    Take care.
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    excellent read..

    the passion for jiu jitsu shines through in that piece..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Hayes View Post
    i'm trying to save some stuff for my book
    My brain says you're kidding, but I wan't it to be true so much I'm willing to believe the book is on the way!

    I'm also curious about the ankle breaking balls, were they big and brass like Renzo's? If not, they must have been in a very bad way!
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    Put my name down for a copy of the book -

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