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Thread: Renato Migliaccio-Respect is Everything

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    Default Renato Migliaccio-Respect is Everything

    This is the best article i have read for ages.

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    Great read, thanks for posting! -

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    i enjoyed that as well

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    Went to a seminar with this guy yesterday. If you get a chance to go to one, I implore you to check it out. This guy is an amazing coach.

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    I believe in having loyalty to your instructor or club but what about when your club fails you as a student or if the club simply does not meet your needs.
    For instances I trained at a club for 3 months but they only offered 3 sessions a week where I am use to 5 or preferably an everyday option.It just was'nt enough and I decided to move on where I gained better instructors and of course 6 days a week training,the one student branded me a traitor etc when I met him the one day.All i did was sign up,train with them win a gold for them and leave.
    Thing is due to instructors moving and myself traveling etc i've been through 6 clubs each choice due to my needs best instruction,location,training regime,facilities namely big enough mat.
    So where does a man place himself because ive been told that you have to prescribe to a lineage or affiliation at some stage by brown or black belt level?

    What happens when your gym becomes uber successful and the mats become full of whites and blues which you need to coach etc and begin to neglect your own jujitsu,mat time,mat space.Is it not up to your instructors or club to accommodate your progression?Due to the nature of our sport it is competitive and if your a proper jujitsuka you will seek the best training and circumstances to improve your game.Or do you remain loyal no matter what.

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    I choose to stay loyal no matter what.

    To put that in a perspective relevant to you,when i was a Purple Belt at Carlson Gracie Team i was the highest student grade there.
    Roger Gracie opened a gym one mile away.
    I stayed at Carlson's to help the Blue's and Whites there and help my instructor rather than going in search of Brown Belts to train with at Roger Gracie's.
    That was my choice and i am proud that i made that choice.My team and teammates are ultimately the most important thing to me,i have time for my own development,i wasn't going to look for a quick route.

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    I think it's important that you stay with one team/club for as long as possible under the circumstances.
    As for moving due to not having people of a similar level as you is very selfish, I personally feel you should help those who are less able than you, this helps improves the overall standard of the club it also improves my jiu jitsu.

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    A new club would never get going if every student who reached purple left to train somewhere that "met their needs" with more higher grades. It's not a one way street- you owe as much to your club as your club owes to you.

    Obviously it's fair enough to change clubs if you have to move away etc.
    Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.

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    I feel that if you're a white belt, then you owe it to yourself to try as many academies as you can, to see what's out there and decide what's best for you.

    Once you start competing and especially when you get your blue and above, it then really becomes a matter of loyalty. To leave and go somewhere else at that point without very good reason would be an indication of poor character in my opinion.

    However, it is a two way street. If loyalty is all one way traffic then you're having the piss taken out of you.

    If your training priorities change and your academy cannot accommodate your needs, then that is a difficult situation to be in. I'd be reluctant to condemn someone for leaving to go elsewhere if this was their reason, as long as they were upfront about it and took the time to speak to their instructor about their concerns.

    Personally though, as a no stripe white belt I reserve the right to try anywhere I like until I find a place that provides what I'm looking for.

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