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Thread: Ultimate Fighter season 8 dvd ???

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    Default Ultimate Fighter season 8 dvd ???

    Has anyone got any copys or something of this season ?

    For some reason its the only season they have never brought out on dvd over here. You can get it on region 1 but i only use my PS3 or xbox to watch DVDs and dont think they play region 1.

    cheers guys

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    The best place to get the Ultimate Fighter Seasons is " Fight DVD " they have the rights to UFC over here and they do some great deals if you buy 3 they offer a 10% discount and free P+P.

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    i;'ve long wondered this because I have all the others and its bugging me.

    isn't this the one with junie and that bloke getting ko'ed because he asked for it?
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    Yeah ! I've got all the others as well. They just never brought it out over here for some reason ? You can get the American region 1 version but I don't think the ps3 or xbox can play it.

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    im sure hmv do it?

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    i stand corrected thats season 9 thats a weird one.

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