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Thread: Paul Taylor to Team Kaobon

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    Default Paul Taylor to Team Kaobon

    From Fighters Only

    Also mentions a possible drop to 155.I think this could be great for Paul.The move to Kaobon could help his ground game big time with Brigadeiro,Etim etc to train with.

    Be interesting also to see how he'd fair at lightweight.I'd love to see him fight Melvin Guillard,Spencer Fisher or Sam Stout.

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    Kaobon just seems to get better and better.
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    I agree.UK MMA as a whole is really coming on strong.So many great camps now over here with Wolfslair,Rough House,Kaobon,London Shoot etc

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    This is really fantastic. PT will improve on the ground and Etim will get another top quality sparring partner.

    If he can get to 155, he should go for it. Too many monster wrestlers at 170.

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    Pietro Menga
    Jay McGuiness

    Mick Sinclair
    Mark Adams
    Greg Severs

    Terry Etim
    Paul Kelly
    Paul Sass
    Rob Sinclair
    Martin Stapleton
    Richie Downes
    Uche Ihiekwe

    Mark Scanlon
    Paul Taylor
    Lee Chadwick
    Jay Gladden
    Jay Manning
    Kam Atakuru

    Paul Cahoon
    Carl Noon
    Kev Axworthy

    when you see that list, it shows just how much Kaobon is improving.. How much hard work Colin and Brigadeiro have put in ; and continue to do so... Luta Livre is taking over!!!!

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    Excellent move for Paul - well done mate and all the best to you.

    Kaobon strikes again. Top team.
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    another to move from wolfslair to kaobon, is there a reason for it? or have they just fancied a change. is kaobon overtaking the wolfslair as the premier camp in the uk?
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    It's not just that list that is impressive for Kaoban but they will have a striving crop of talented juniors coming through that will no doubt be influanced and become just as successful as their seniors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonpride View Post
    another to move from wolfslair to kaobon, is there a reason for it? or have they just fancied a change. is kaobon overtaking the wolfslair as the premier camp in the uk?
    Taylor is at UTC not Wolfslair as far as i know.

    Also all this talk about camps taking over. Its not a competition lol.

    theres alot of solid UK gyms now which raises the overall standard of UKMMA.

    in 5-10 years time we are going to see some scary UK fighters because their amuater/Semi-pro fights would of been at a higher level then say 5 years ago.
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    Good move for Taylor, maybe abit late but good move none the less.

    However I have concerns over his former gym 'UTC' who burst onto the scene in the last couple of years at the time boasting one of the then only signed UFC fighters...UTC claimed to have the best facilities in the UK & would seemingly attract the best of the best....
    Now my list of their own fighters does not get past

    1. Vaugh Harvey
    2. Dan Korbley
    3. Dave Hill

    No disrespect to the lads, great fighters, I actually believe very underestimated fighters who all have big futures in MMA.

    But surely this roster does not have the depth & experience to remain being known as a 'Top UK MMA Fight Team'...?

    The sudden beginnings of UTC as a brand & financial corporate strategy they followed did seem abit business like for MMA & it is prove that you cannot 'BUY' great facilities & resources & suddenly become number #1. It takes years of growth, commitment & long term development to become successfully established in the world of MMA.

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