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Thread: Braulio Estima - Attacking the Back

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    Default Braulio Estima - Attacking the Back

    Hi guys, just released new lesson with Braulio Estima
    Lesson 10 focuses on attacking the back
    shows lots of control points on how to take the back, then a few variations for chokes and submissions. Excellent lesson as usual from Braulio.

    If you didnt see the last lesson on knee on stomach, its definately worth checking out, some brilliant points to open this position up for being realy effective. Has changed my use of it dramatically already!

    You can check out the videos HERE

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    Hey daihlo, can you check ur in box as I have sent PMs to you and emailed cagefilm about the DVD u promised all British open competitors can you reply please.

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    Hi AJonen, pm me your email address so I can check up for you.
    Thanks - Tim

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