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Thread: Anyone tried blindfolded sparring?

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    Default Anyone tried blindfolded sparring?

    I just read Stephen Kesting's latest grappling tips newsletter
    and it occured to me that I do tend to spar with my eyes closed most of the time. Is that weird? Or do others do it?
    And...has anyone tried sparring blindfolded?
    Without your sight, I reckon your sensitivity would increase loads.
    Note: I am also really really short sighted so when I forget my contacts,
    I am practically blind anyway.
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    I close my eyes some of the time, but have never tried rolling blindfolded. -

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    Les Allen used to have his guys roll blind folded

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    Bean is correct, he does it quite a lot to develop grappling 'feel'

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    I've rolled full rounds with my eyes closed before. But generally it makes me look like I'm being an arrogant prick, so I don't do it.

    Fun fact, last time I did it I went four minutes with a white belt, tapped him three times, then opened my eyes and tried to pass his guard, got armbarred, and had to roll about four times and yank my elbow out, slightly popping it in the process.

    ...and everyone else saw. Sigh. ^_^

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    my instructor said that Rickson made them roll blindfolded sometimes and also without using arms - not at the same time though ..

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    Last week in class, I did not have my lenses on so squinted trying to look for
    new sparring parterns. I did not recognise the new faces so I just yelled out "who wants to spar, can you just come and grab me please cos I can;t see anyone". Everyone just backed off. Nice to know you're liked
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    is gay for sure

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    Never rolled blindfolded, but I have noticed that I'm often not looking at what I'm doing- just doing it by feel. I'm pretty sure I read something somewhere about a guy who does BJJ and is totally blind. Must be hard to learn techniques without being able to watch them but it's cool that you can train without needing to see (although it obviously helps!).
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    I don't roll blindfolded bu I do on occasion roll with my eyes closed and i find that I rarely look at my opponent anyway I don't think there is any need I know where they are.

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