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Thread: What oz boxing glove to get

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bateman View Post
    I knew you would ask this , it was mentioned to me that Thai / kick boxing gloves are constructed differently to on the backs to take the force of the kick. now , how true this is i dont know, but it seems pretty fair because when i compare windy and twins gloves to my reyes, grants and lonsdale the thai gloves are alot firmer and stiffer accross the back of the gloves.

    maybe someone can elaborate on this if they know.
    My Twins are literally identical consruction to my mates all leather BBE's, so in a nutshell, i dont think there's much of a difference (although some box gloves have a 'free' thumb Thai tend to be fixed)
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    Generally i've always known it to be u76 kilos 14+ and over 76 kilos 16+, then maybe heavyweights 18+

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    Reading the info on some of these gloves it mentions 'thumb lock' but not sure what that means?
    I currently weight around 85kg, but im a bit heavy at the moment and want to get a bit lighter.

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    What Bateman and Ian Butlin said regarding weights

    "Thumb Lock" I'm guessing refers to the fact that in boxing gloves the thumb is attached to the glove. This is to stop eye poking or your thumb being bent back. However wherever I have trained we cut this so we can do circuits without taking gloves off i.e. bag - exercise - bag - exercise etc, etc

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    If your kickboxing get a pair of 16-18oz gloves for bag work then when you compete drop down to 12oz

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    For sparring I use Fairtex 16's (I'm 82kg, fight at 77kg) but a lot of guys I train with use smaller (some 12's, some 10's!! And some of those are heavier than me (gits )).

    I think if you're using them for sparring, go with 16's (the fairtex ones are great, I've had mine about 2 years and they're still going strong) but for bag/pad work try 12 or 10's.

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    I'd recommend 16-18oz.The brands to go for are Sandee,Twins,Cleto's as they are all hand stitched high quality leather.We sell the Hayabusa gloves but to be honest i prefer the old fashion 'bangers' gloves.For 50 you are looking at Sandee,Twins,Adidas,Lonsdale,Punchtown,Everlast,Ha yabusa but make sure you get a leather glove for that price. If you live near any of our stores pop in and try the gloves on, any of the guys in the shops would be happy to advise you on which ones to go for. We stock the same brands in-store as we do on the internet-
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    i'm 62kg and use 14oz gloves to spar. over 75kg - 90kg use 16oz, above 90kg -18oz 20oz. only difference i have noticed with gloves is some have curved knuckles some straight. i hate the velcro and the piping on inside of fairtex and twins gloves,which are virtually identical gloves. get really badly grazed of them. i like lace up gloves for thai they are longer and offer bit more protection on forearm.
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    I have 14oz Everlast ones and no one has complained about me feebily hitting them ME

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    Ordered some 14oz Sandee 2-tone gloves in the end from (Fightshop's other half).
    Waiting on Stock to arrive though!

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