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    First off, apologies if I've posted this in the wrong area, still getting used to the site!!

    Right, I picked up a pretty bad injury in my last fight (end of august last year) in my foot. I landed a kick on my opponent (obviously landed it wrong) and did some serious damage to my ligaments under the tarsal bones. The nurses in hospital thought I'd broken my foot!!

    Now, I've started training (seriously) again and I was pretty sure the injury had cleared but I went and aggravated it again on wednesday (by kicking!!) which forced me to limp around for the rest of the evening (it's still painful now but bearable).

    Has anyone got any advice/tips for how I can heal quicker and avoid the injury coming back (apart from learn to kick!!)? Giving up the sport is not an option!!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    oxygen tent Just rest I had a problem with my back and had to take a good bit of time out, im back training serious again now and because I give it time to heal I have no problems now, your best just letting it heal in good time its a pain in the arse but it will be worth it in the long run.

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    Aye, time is the greatest healer. Apart from that if you absolutely must train through it then follow the good old r.i.c.e principles after you train and maybe take some anti-inflammaories. It is likely to happen everytime you smash your instep off someones shin, knee etc..

    I damaged the ligaments badly in mine about 4 year ago falling off a huge fucking wall in newcastle and landing on my foot. Now my ankle doesnt fully extend and if I kick with my instep I am in agony for days, it is very important for me to only let experienced people hold thai pads for me as this is the number 1 cause of it flaring up ( people turning too far round or stepping back as I kick causing my instep to smash off the pad instead of my shin ).

    Hope it heals soon for ya pal. Niggly injuries like this although they seem quite trivial can be a right pain in the arse.

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    Don't kick for a while. Your ligaments have been messed up so they don't need to be having your foot bent back when you're kicking. I was in pot for 6 weeks cos I broke my foot, and when it came off my ankle would barely bend without hurting 'cos it'd been kept in the same position for ages.

    Just take your time getting back and gradually stretch it more and more (for me, a good stretch was sitting in a good base for a while on my feet).

    While it's healing/still sore it definitely doesn't need blunt trauma like kicking. I learnt the hard way too.

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    Thanks a lot guys, I think I'll be trying the stretching route as well as the R.I.C.E stuff.

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    I damaged the ligaments in my left foot a few years ago when someone botched a takedown on me. It was in plaster for a few weeks and I was warned I'd always have a weakness there.

    It was fine within a couple of months and I can't feel that I've ever had an injury there.

    I used a sports therapist from the local rugby club. He used ultrasound on the swelling (not sure that would be relevant for you now) and did a lot of deep tissue massage on the ligaments to break down the scar tissue. He was a complete sadist and it hurt like hell to get done but it gave excellent results. If you do it, be prepared to have someone dragging their knuckles over your inflamed ligaments and tarsals, probably while laughing at you calling them every name under the sun while they do it!

    He was also a lot cheaper than a physio and more geared to getting you back to sport (e.g. Showing you how to strap the injury).

    If you can't find a sports therapist, thai massage (not the dodgy kind!) Is supposed to be good for this type of thing too.

    Hope this helps.


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    Also, I forgot to say: don't be a wuss. Kick with your shin, not your foot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Femme-ma View Post
    Also, I forgot to say: don't be a wuss. Kick with your shin, not your foot!
    Thanks for the tip!! I did try to land it correctly (shin) but obviously messed that up!!!

    Seriously though, thanks for the advice, I'll try and get in touch with the local rugby/football teams.

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    There are a few ligaments in your foot and as people say if you leave it to heal on its own then it will do just that.The problem you may then be left with is it not being as strong or flexable as you want it to be.I would advise you to see a good sports therapist.Look in your local yellow pages and find one there.They will give you the treatment required.
    Hope this helps,good luck

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