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Thread: KO Muay Thai

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    Default KO Muay Thai

    Has any one trained here or knows someone who has?

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    I used to train with them a long time ago. A mate of mine still fights for them, you thinking of going there ? they are a pretty good club, been around a long time.

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    yeah it ticks all the right places gonna go down ther wednesday to have a look when i am work.

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    you been there Suley

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    went there a few times before. both to the HQ and also a class one of their guys ran in Hammersmith
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    I still train there. They have a great system set up to learn proper muay thai and they have some great guys for training with.

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    Cool i am going to head down there tommorrow to have a look and join.

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    I trained there for a numbers of years.

    You can't go wrong; great trainers; great facilities and a good atmosphere! They have been out turning top level fighters on a consistent basis longer than any club in inner london and continue to do so.

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    KO has a great reputation for Muay Thai and the MMA side of things is also growing. But then I may be a little bias!!

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