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Thread: looking for newbie fighters

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    Default looking for newbie fighters

    Hi Guys

    Got a show coming up 27th March 2010, and looking for some newbies to MMA.

    Our guys will have only ever done interclub shows, or class sparring and they are looking for to do their first full contact fights.

    We are a club based in West Sussex, so if of any interest please feel free to pm me on here.



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    you got pm'ed

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    many thanks on all the pm's received

    have replied to them, but keep them coming :-)

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    You've Got Mail!

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    you got mail from me too.

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    Some more info for you,

    MMA Semi Pro rules -
    Sam 80kgs - only ever interclub / class sparring
    Paul 80kgs - only ever interclub / class sparring
    Patrick 80kgs - only ever interclub / class sparring

    MMA Pro Rules
    Raf 93kgs 2 wins - 0 losses

    We also need an MMA Ref and Judge so if anybody is interested.

    Kickboxing - full contact

    Anthony 88kgs - only ever interclub / class sparring
    Martin 88kgs - only ever interclub / class sparring
    Chris 95kgs - only ever interclub / class sparring
    Callum - 60kgs "Junior" 15 years old - only ever interclub / class sparring
    Mark - 83kg - won 1 fight
    Jon - 90kg - Senior won 1 fight 42 years old
    Jason 70kg - only ever interclub / class sparring

    Boxing - No Head Guards

    Adam 76kg won 2 fights

    Please either phone 01903 236664 and speak to Nick or email
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    hi guys,

    we have had some people pull out and the event is close,

    so if anybody is interested not just the weights mentioned above please email


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    I have some newbie guys too....
    Chris Foran
    Premier Fight Team
    Roger Gracie Academy

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    how long has mr callum trained for?
    BJJ White belt, 2 stripes.

    General badmotherfucker.

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    hi im new to the sport but very game for a try out im limited to skills a defo newbie please e mail me

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