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Thread: Lunchtime BJJ Open session in Canary Wharf

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    Default Lunchtime BJJ Open session in Canary Wharf

    Fancy a roll in your lunch hour?

    every day from 12pm until 2pm at Diesel Gym 2 in Canary Wharf - BJJ Blackbelts Thiago 'Monstro' Borges and Eduardo Azervado run a Gi open mat

    check out for more information


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    Perfect timing as I might be (90%) moving back down to the wharf start of feb, any No Gi ?

    If you need a friend, get a dog !

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    we have no Gi at Diesel 1 - x3 a week where we run our muay thai (next to Limehouse DLR - which monstro teaches also - so sure he'll be able to assist there - the lunchtime sessions are primarily gi, but best thing is to speak to him direct ;-)

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    bateman great place to train it used to be my mma gym but long story with the owner and he took membership money and done a runner and diesal have taken over the gym cleaned it and put all new matts done great job actually.

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    sorry to hear that - was that Bulldog???

    We do MMA, Nogi and Muay Thai 7 days a week up at the main Diesel Gym....

    and certainy have no plans to run off with anyones cash ;-)

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    Yeah buy its done now. i started down at your gym first week it open only done one class but a family loss but want to start back cause i bought a gi and never used it.

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    sorry to hear about that mate..

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