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Thread: Muay thai

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    Ah right, fair enough. Yeah you will see me later on, I'll be the only one not in thai shorts sweating like a fool because my fitness has been pants since christmas lol. Still getting to grips with everything and Im not sure if dave will teach me anything else tonight. You do a one on one thai session today? I need to keep up the running, started running, only short distance like 1.5 mile per day and then build on it.
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    If your not used to working ur legs especially if u aint done thai before, then just keep the leg work up. I mean when i started i used to have red raw legs of the bag and hurt like a bitch, but like ull get used to it much easier aswell as finding ur self improving.

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    As all have said it comes from keeping at it, the flexibility too.

    I asked a very similar question about the kicks about a month after I started (just about a year ago now) and my coach explained that the kicks tend to be the last thing to come due to the nature of the movement.

    ie in day to day life, you walk straight back and forth, you reach your arms straight back and forth, and rotate your upper body to reach for stuff, but you really never turn your hips much for anything, so the longer you've been on the planet for,the longer it tends to get used to turning everything over, I found over time it all loosened up. Head kicks still feel uncomortable at the hips for the first couple if I'm not really warm then loosen up, my hips used to feel that way doing leg kicks lol.

    Trick is to start kicking when your 5 I think lol.

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    sent you a message
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    Look on google for eddie bravo stretching it shows alot of good stuff I sat in the lotus position while watching tv for about 2 hour it's helped alot

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    Quote Originally Posted by ross90 View Post
    Thanks for the reply Yak. Yeah thats what i suspected, i was looking at yoga, and i will definately try it. Plus the lycra clad ladies will imrpove the view and tone of the session i think

    With the hip rotation and pivoting etc. I used to box, so once i got the hang of the stance (as its a bit different in thai, I picked up moving and footwork easily as it is just an adapted version of boxing hip rotation. The kicking has taken its tole on my shins though and Im back training tonight lol. I maybe will just concentrate on technique and hardly any power.

    I will just stick it out and let my shins toughen up naturally, get myself to yoga, and light stretching at home.

    On a side note what do you mean about bottles and bricks? Not sure Ive heard that one.

    Thanks mate.
    this all depends on how your class is structured but at the end of each lesson i would also try and aim to do 50 kicks on each leg. obviously youre not going to be able to do it day one but try 20, 25, 30 etc..

    eg of our class is : 5 rounds of padwork(no routines or anything just let padman work you) each end of each round when music speeds up its 20 kicks each leg(if you have a grading cming up its 30)..

    1 round each of elbows and kness..

    depending on experience 2-3 rounds of one attack one defend or sparring or neck wrestling..

    1 round of hand weights speed up combination when music speeds up

    then you can stay and spar or if you have a grading coming up 50 kicks both legs, 50 knees both legs
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    your shins will get tougher over time, mine used to kill when i first started, now i practice low kicks on the bus-stop post while waiting for the bus home from training
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    just keep training they toughen up over time and the flexability will come as long as you stretch properly , i used to stretch whilst watching the telly , just basic ones.
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