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    hey guys im looking into taekwondo with the main focus to improve my higher range kicks i was just wondering if anyone has done it as part of their mma or as a stand alone discipline?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shortstack View Post
    hey guys im looking into taekwondo with the main focus to improve my higher range kicks i was just wondering if anyone has done it as part of their mma or as a stand alone discipline?
    It is generally not a part of MMA training mate. Dan Hardy was a TKD guy before going onto Muay Thai and then MMA.

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    I did it for many years there ways of stretching for more flexability is good but nothing about it is good for mma eg you snap your legs doing kicks in tkd they had to make me drill some tai kicks to get me used to driving the kick thru ppl . Karate is better for stretching anyway

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    TKO is a great system for points ~ but you need to find a good Karate class where they are doing a lot of pad work ~ or by a small bag and do a Van Dame - when training at home set the bag at a standard height then over time make the bag higher so you get Muscle Memory and your brain will allow your muscles to go that liitle bit further ( but this will take time so dont rush it )

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    having studied tkd for 5 years i can safely say it is crap for mma.
    i teaches you high and pinning kicks but they lack any real use or power. their sparring is point stop (as in you make contact then you stop) so its just about getting the hit in first (speed) with no power. its not worth the effort in my opinion

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    To be honest your better off finding some decent stretching references and planning a routine from that. If you want a good kicking routine to build your flexibility and kicking speed your better off doing something like :

    Back Leg -

    Leg Raise / Axe Kick - Keep the leg straight DONT bend the knee
    Outer Crescent Kick
    Inner Crescent Kick
    Snap Kick

    (all one set)

    Repeat 10 times and then switch stance and kick with the other. Each time you do the leg raise try and push it a little bit further each time

    I also found this a good read : book
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    a major problem with TKD for MMA is that the round kick is delevoped for speed not power, that said, training with a local tkd team (that competes) to improve you spin side kick is worth it. power and accuracy.

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    its no good for mma you want kickboxing it gets your kicks sharper, higher, faster and more powerfull.
    Scorpio Freestyle Kickboxing

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    Ive got a couple TKD instructors training with me, when ever they spar, stand up or MMA it looks feck all like TKD.

    Anyone who has been successful in MMA through TKD has done it inspite of the training not cause of it

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    TKD is great againts muay thai but only if you have got counter kicks such as front leg side kicks to body and leg and spinning backkicks not just reverse side kicks to body or off a jab. in sparring i have pulled off reverse turning kicks and axe kicks and they are getting more common. dont use cresent kicks the only trouble sometimes is the foot can get damaged. if you hit an elbow .

    I have trained tkd when i was young to international level the level mark weir was at. and in later life studied muay thai the transition was very smooth only i minor adjustment needed to the low kick. the wtf front push kick lands the same as a teep. and a roundhouse kick is thrown in many ways in tkd not just snapping. but wtf do i know its shit cause you guys say it is. i no longer train tkd but stills use some skils in sparring

    dan hardy mark weir chun lee have done good so far even anderson silva ihas done tkd.

    the other benfit of tkd is the flexibilty it gives to your ground game rubber guard is easy to apply after years of spilts and shit.

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