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Thread: Taekwondo

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    They hold the thai pads up, I kick the pad then bang their fist bang into there face up and then they stand there dazed and ask me to not kick so hard
    yeah, is this in the evening beginners/recreational class though? Coz none of them can hold pads for toffee. If you're doing this in advanced or fighters class, i suggest you switch gyms as it seems none of them can hold pads for toffee either

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    Serkan Yilmaz has a taekwondo background and competes in MMA, i have done Taekwondo for 5-6 years and i'm a strong believer in the power of my sidekicks, in competition even tho my opponent had the protective gear i still broke 2 of his ribs. but then again i am 6ft 5" with alot of weight behind my kicks! but BJJ all the way now haven't trained in taekwondo for about a year since i started BJJ
    "Death and pain are just a small price to pay for the enjoyment of battle!"

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