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    yesterday and the day before, a seminar of walter cascao at cidada viva. a baptist curch.
    many people from differnt acadamies showed up.

    Many people of the place i train (boca team) went, so i went allong.

    second day i saw jean silva, who i talked to a little bilt. jean is a very nice guy.

    very nice to see like 4 or 5 gyms training 2gheter on one mat
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    What an extraordinary photo!
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    Where have u been hiding aaron?

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    Is this some sort of a religious gathering in a church where people then do BJJ or is it just prayers before a tournament.

    I know Brazilians are very religious, lots of evangelicals so I can see how religion and sport might overlap sometimes.

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    it was a seminar in a baptist Church called cidade viva.

    It was a seminar hosted by the Church . the teacher was Walter Casc„o.

    There was gospel music and prayer and than a bjj seminar and a belt ceremony.

    Loads of different bjj schools showed up. it was very nice to meet and train with different people.

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